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Naviance career project

No description

William Jeffery

on 14 February 2013

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Transcript of Naviance career project

Career paths Naviance Career Project Step one Requirements Presentation Due date Research a career field of your choice. List the requirements to be accepted into the school.

List the types of masters programs offered in the school.

Write a 3 page paper single spaced. It must have a
cover page, works cited page, and essay body. You must make a 5 slide presentation
about your career field.

You will present a presentation to the class and it must accompany the paper. Thursday 2/21/13

You must present in class and have written the paper. You must list three universities, colleges, trade school, or military branch that offers that degree. List how much money that person earns per year using the tools in Naviance. Coach Jeffery We will invite a person
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