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Oktoberfest presentation

KWO 45th Anniversary/ Volunteer Recognition

Aliaa Elbehairy

on 10 April 2013

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Transcript of Oktoberfest presentation

'A German Dessert Experience’ Celebrating 45 years of Oktoberfest DESSERTFEST! Sponsors German desserts sponsored by Event Concept Marketing Plan (Cont'd) DESSERTFEST! Poster Demographics and Tickets Our target market are Oktoberfest volunteers from all ages ranging from 20s to 70s Time and location
Campaign Strategy
(Objectives/Targeting/Positioning) Marketing Plan (Cont'd) SWOT DESSERTFEST!
Marketing Plan Situation Analysis: DESSERTFEST!: Aliaa Elbehairy
Ashley Freiburger
Billie-Jo O’Brien
Dana Auckland
Jessi Stern
Patricia Smallbone 6 dessert sample stations
Attendee program given to all features the 6 dessert recipes, advertisements and coupons for local food related business’/bakeries etc.
Last page of program is a ‘passport’ that attendees can take to each station – once they have sampled the item, the passport is stamped. (this will ensure every attendee wants the program)
Program page only can be handed in once complete to win prizes
Up to 15 Vendor booths also on site selling German desserts
Public kitchen area – every 45 minutes a different local baker showcases/bakes a German dessert
Wristbands for those 19+ who will be allowed entry to beer garden area Sunday September 29, 2013
1:00 - 3:00 pm Venue: Concordia Club (capacity 4000) Capacity: 2000 (900 reserved for volunteers + 1 till Aug 31) Dessert Stations Cream Puffs: Windbeutel Rum Balls: Rumkugeln Black Forest Cherry Cake: Schwarzwalder Kirschtorte Viennese Apple Strudel: Weiner Apfelstrudel Marble Cake: Marmorkuchen Fresh Fruit Cake: Obstkuchen General Public Tickets: $15
Volunteer Tickets: $10 Beer sponsored by Venue sponsored by Prizes sponsored by Product / Company Research:
Oktoberfest 45th Anniversary
Other Oktoberfest Events like DESSERTFEST!: Stein &Dine Culinary
Experience $200 per ticket / Family Breakfast $Free / Iron Chef $65 per ticket
Consumer / Stakeholder Research:
Thousands of attendees to various events each year from KW and world wide
60+ sponsors
450 volunteers (Strengths / Weaknesses / Opportunity / Threats) Strengths
Event does not compete with other Oktoberfest events as it is being held a week before start of festival
Low Ticket Price Point
No other events like it at that cost
Volunteers and their guests have lower ticket price than general public (potential 900 of 2000 max guests)
All ages event
Large sponsor base to draw from

Dessert Items only
Ticket Price may be high to some Strengths and Weaknesses Opportunities and Threats Opportunity
Build new partnerships with local food sponsors / restaurants
Retain / Attract Volunteers
Revenue outside of festival events

No Ticket Sales
No Sponsorship Marketing Plan (Cont'd)
DESSERTFEST! is a fun, modern take on a long standing tradition.
Oktoberfest is always an exciting event and something new, innovative, and creative.
It’s tasty, fun, and educational for the younger attendees but also fun and informative for the adults.
It brings heritage and food together under one roof as well to celebrate the amazing people that made this all happen. Primary target for DESSERTFEST! are previous and present Oktoberfest volunteers between the ages of 20-70 years of age along with their spouses.
Secondary target markets will be the general public, dessert enthusiasts, and citizens with German heritage as well as anyone that is looking to come out and support the event. Objectives Targeting Positioning
Communication Strategy (Message Development Research / Creative Theme / Tactics / Executions) Marketing Plan (Cont'd)
Media Plan
(Media Mix/Timing/Scheduling) Marketing Plan (Cont'd) Media Mix Timing and Scheduling
Other Marketing
(Sales Promos / Direct Marketing / Public Relations) Marketing Plan (Cont'd) Direct Mail to Volunteers Sweets Giveaway Exhibit recognition for our past volunteers with a sort of "Oktoberfest pre-show".
Give customers a chance to experience traditional German desserts, foods and drinks, while still paying homage to the German heritage that Oktoberfest exists for. Message Development Research The KW community is widely involved in Oktoberfest as well as tourists who come to visit this festival. Our main target audience is past volunteers and the general public, therefore our communication strategy is crucial for the success of our event.
By focusing on our partners and stakeholders we can effectively communicate to our target audience.
The message that we would like to create for our event is for people to experience traditional German desserts that they may not have had the opportunity to do so before.
This is a celebratory event of culture and traditions that will showcase various foods and drinks as well as recognize our volunteers.
The attendees will all leave with their own individual “passport” as a lasting memory of the 45th Anniversary of Oktoberfest. Creative Theme Our event offers a unique selling proposition; we will be targeting past Oktoberfest volunteers and fans as well as new potential customers.
Attendees have the opportunity to be educated on culture and celebrations of our community.
Our idea is creatively shown through of poster, and we will be using media measures to promote our event.
Creative ways to express our message will be done through press releases, social media links, local radio stations, and sponsorships. Certain message strategies to be considered will include the mood and image we are setting as well as our expertise in this festival. We will also be delivering our message to each committee of Oktoberfest so that they are educated about our event.
Our messages will be evaluated through the reaction of our market and of course through revenue from our event. Tactics & Executions Once the messages are selected and evaluated we then develop measures to execute them.
Featured at our event will be a survey of what attendees experienced during their time and any comments about DESSERTFEST!
We will be sending out email newsletters and advertising online, while updating our social media tools frequently.
Volunteers and the community will receive direct mail promotions for our event to create a personalized invitation.
Guests will receive coupons at our event and tons of giveaways that will leave them waiting for the next DESSERTFEST! Press Release
A short article would be created about the event to attract media and to lead to media coverage.
Unpaid Media Exposure
Rogers Kitchener Radio Group to arrange for free promotion on CHYM, 570 News and KIX 106.
Ask for two weeks of free publicity for the 14-day period leading up to the event date. Request a series of 30 second pre-recorded promotional announcements on each station, plus a two week feature on each of the station’s website event pages.
Contact MOST Magazine’s
CTV Southwestern Ontario.
Ask if information concerning the event can be part of the “What’s On Where?” segment that airs during “The View”, (Monday to Friday at 11:00 a.m.), during CTV’s “Noon News” (Monday to Friday at 12 noon) and during “etalk” (Monday to Friday at 1 p.m.) for a two week period leading up to our event date.
Create a special invitation for dignitaries. Send this invitation out to the following:
Regional Chair Ken Seiling
Mayors of Kitchener and Waterloo
All area MP’s
All area MPP’s Step1: Define our goals, Celebrating 45 years of Oktoberfest
Step 2: Define our target market, Oktoberfest volunteers ages 20s to 70s
Step 3: Where does our target market congregate online? Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
Step 4: What problem can you solve for our target market? Seniors might not be connected to Facebook, twitter or LinkedIn and that’s why we will contact the Rogers Kitchener Radio Group for different media exposure
Step 5: What content can we provide for our target market? Blogs and videos about Oktoberfest
Step 6: Create great social media profiles so we will ensure that a Facebook Page is created for the event. we will create a consistent, memorable and different profile for our event.
Step 7: Build the social media following by creating incentives for people to Follow, Like and Share our event pages.
Step 8: Distribute content and updates effectively so we will start with the current customers, communicating through email distribution lists, current friends, followers and fans. Share content on the communities and online groups where most of our target market congregates
Step 9: Measure everything Social Media Promotional Campaign
Follow the 9 steps July 29, 2013
Send out media press release
July 30, 2013
Create Facebook event page and Twitter
August 19, 2013
Send out special invitations to dignitaries
September 15-September 29, 2013
Promotion / publicity on radio stations and television Below are other marketing strategies that will promote the event to the community and ensure it is a successful event for Kitchener-Waterloo Oktoberfest. With these other marketing strategies, the goal is to not only inform the invited volunteers, but make certain the rest of the community is aware it is happening, and how they can get involved. As the event is primarily targeted to volunteers, it is important that they are a prime focus to marketing. This strategy involves gathering the contact information already obtained by volunteers, and creating an e-invite informing them about the event, and how to go about getting tickets.
The e-invite will be set up not only as an informative source, but also to thank them for their work and also show acknowledgement, and act as a reward for their hard work. This strategy will act as a promotional event, used to draw in interest for the main event.
Volunteers will set up a booth in front of the Oktoberfest store in Kitchener before the event and hand out small samples of the desserts that will be featured at the event. Along with the samples will be information about the event in the form of a flyer, as well as volunteers can fill people in about the details as they approach the station and receive their samples.
Tickets will also be available on-site for those interested.
This giveaway can be promoted through social media, and act as a way to make people interested in an engaging way. Recipe Features Prior to the event, recipes of desserts that will be featured at the event will be featured in local newspapers and on local television.
They will highlight the foods featured as a way to get readers/viewers excited about the upcoming festival, and it will explain details of the event and how to get tickets during the segments. Cross Promotion Including information about the event in any materials that the festival uses to attract volunteers.
It will act as an incentive for community members to volunteer, as well as get information about the event into the public. Appropriation & Budget
(based on cost to reach target market) Marketing Plan (Cont'd) Campaign Evaluation Ticket sales
Passports returned at the event
Booth requests /sales
Follow up with attendees and sponsors post event
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