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Pennington Prezi

A short review on the multilevel steps to take to break the L1 phonological habit and build the L2's new one

Grecia Molina Gil

on 10 May 2013

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Transcript of Pennington Prezi

Teachability of Phonology
in Adulthood Breaking the Phonological Habit
of the Mother Tongue Cognitive Level Psychological Level Pennington (1998) Motor Level *Introducing and establishing new articulatory routines of movement from the L2 considering the ones existing in the L1 *Try to establish new neural pathways
*Reorganise the connections that already exist *Make the acquisition of the L2 pronunciation less threatening to the ego and identity of learners
*Modeling the phonological learning as a psychologically comfortable alternative to native language Sociocultural Level Perceptual Level *Reform the existing perceptual categories
*Expose learners to auditory features of the L2
to help them discriminate *Encourage learners to broaden their cultural and social affiliations
*Introduce learners to the culture of the L2 from a globalised perspective
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