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Foreign Aid Prezi

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elizabeth werner

on 11 June 2013

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Transcript of Foreign Aid Prezi

Budapest San
Francisco Foreign Aid Nick Andersen & Elizabeth Werner What is Foreign Aid? Foreign aid is the economic and military assistance given to other countries in
a time of need (post-natural disaster,
warfare, etc.) How Did it Start? In the 1940s, during World War II, the Lend-Lease program was created,
allowing $50 billion in food, munitions, and supplies to be given to allies. What is its Purpose? The purpose of foreign aid is to provide economic, financial, and military assistance during and after a time of despair. Who Receives Foreign Aid? Since the 1950s, Europe has received the most foreign aid from the United States. Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East have also received large amounts of assistance from the US. How Does it Help the US Government? By administering foreign aid, the United States have created numerous allies, designated a portion of the federal budget towards the international assistence (less than 1%), and organized the USAID. USAID - United States Agency for International Development Are There Negative Effects? According to critics everywhere, foreign aid is not positive for the US. It raises debt, and many think America should try to fix itself prior to everyone else. Matter of Negative Opinion? Another negative point of view about foreign aid is that the northern hemisphere receives more assistance than the southern part of the world. It could be that the either side of the globe has needed assistance differently, however it is still an unequal fact. What are the Positive Effects? The positive outcomes of foreign aid include strong allies, many founded international organizations, as well as providing neccessary supplies such as vaccines, schooling, healthcare, munitions, food, and services. How Has it Changed? Foreign aid has changed greatly within government through the years. Then: Foreign aid was focused on during times of war, used soley to create allies

Now: Foreign aid budget, used to assist poorer countries, used within the country (state - to - state) Example Aid provided by the Good Aid Works program out of Australia! Statistics GNI = Donor nations' wealth
USD = United States dollar Example of US Distribution Opinion We believe that foreign aid administered by the United States are positive and selfless acts, however the United States should not become involved with intentions of war or gaining more power. It is important for America to remain strong and sturdy before helping other countries build themselves. In Conclusion... Foreign aid is a positive form of assistance that all countries can be eligible for. It is how allies are formed and countries gain and continue strength. It has united many nations and assisted millions of citizens in a time of war, natural disaster, and poverty. Works Cited
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