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Orienteering for beginners

This video is based on the Youtube Video "Orienteering for beginners" By "OrienteeringBoy" (Alex Lines)

Thomas Jarvis

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Orienteering for beginners

Orienteering for beginners
based on the video on youtube by OrienteeringBoy Orenteering
A sport for all Equipment Compass Map Control Descriptions Dibber/EMIT And that's all the equipment you need But let's go over each one in detail A compass helps you
orientate the map so
you know where to go. Shows where you have
to go and whats around
you. Shows the number of the
control so you can verifi
them when you get to a
control This is an electronic devise
that you put on your finger.
when you get to your control
you put it into a unit (a electronic box)
, when you put it in the unit bleeps
and a light flashes Now as we have looked over everything in detail lets see what is on the course. Starting
course After you have all of your equipment. Go to the start. The start is a red triangle on the map. Clear your dibber/EMIT card Put your dibber/EMIT into the "Check" Unit Check where your first control is. GO! WAIT! Look at your map.
First you need to orientate the map. To orientate your map you need to
line the north arrow on your map,
with the north arrows on your compass. Paths Usually you would have to
use paths Paths are marked on the map as black lines. Thicker the line bigger the path. If the line is dashed it means it is smaller. Really wide paths are marked as rides, rides are marked as yellow. Checking
Control Look on your control descriptions. If you have the same number on you control descriptions as the number on the unit, YOU HAVE FOUND THE CORECT CONTOL! Put your Dibber/EMIT into the the unit until it bleeps. Look at your map again.
See what way you have to run to get to number two. When you have done the rest of you controls you will have to go to the finish. Finish The finish is marked on the map by a smaller circle inside a bigger circle. Punch the finish control. Now report to download where you will receive a print out of your times to each control! To watch the official video press space. This video was made by Alex Lines (OrienteeringBoy) Thanks For Watching
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