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Editorial cartooning

No description

NelTurtle The Guardian

on 11 July 2015

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Transcript of Editorial cartooning

Prepared by : NelPagong
"Editorial Cartoons are a unique creation--pictorial editorial and artistic social commentary.
The medium of the editorial cartoon, which combines the political and the artistic with journalism, allows them to make social commentary beyond the boundaries of the written word."
Making An

Things To Know About Editorial Cartooning:
Characteristics of a Good and Effective Editorial Cartoon:
Tools that a Cartoonist uses to Communicate:
1.) Editorial Cartoons are an integral part of many newspaper editorial pages and are used
to highlight the single most significant aspect of a news item.
2.) Editorial cartoons reflect a subjective evaluation of a news story highlight.
3.) Editorial cartoons focus on a single item that is clearly identified. They also may
represent a simplification of a complex issue.

4.)An effective cartoonist makes use of several specific “tools” to make his or her
points clear.

 5.)It is usually necessary for a reader to be familiar with current events in order to
understand the meaning of editorial cartoons.
Good editorial Cartoons express the cartoonist’s opinion on a topic and provoke readers to think
and clarify their own opinions.
Thinking skills are much more important than drawing skills in creating a good cartoon.
A good cartoon is always simple and limited. It never tries to tell everything the cartoonist knows about a topic.
Drawing should be uncluttered. Heavy, cleaner lines are better for the newspaper than many light
Any words used (captions, dialogue balloons or words that are part of the drawing itself).
should be large, clear and easily recognized.
Don’t be too much of a perfectionist.
1.) Use necessary symbols.
2.) Practice the art of shadowing.
4.) Always proportion your cartoon's face or body.
6.) Do not write/ tag real name in your editorial cartoon.
Analyzing/Conceptualize = 5% of your given time.

Outlining = 15% of your given time.

Pen-outlining = 30 % of your given time.

Shadowing = 40% of your given time.

Finalizing = 10% of your given time.
7.) Avoid to misspell the words you tag.
5.) Don't put too much elements.
9.) Mark your work with your signature.
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