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Upstage Productions Inc.

No description

Garrett Pough

on 9 January 2015

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Transcript of Upstage Productions Inc.

Community Service Project
Disregard the lack of pictures
Upstage Productions Inc.
Upstage Productions was founded in 1994, born out of the combination of two other organizations. These groups banded together in an attempt to make the art of acting more easily accessible to the general public. It's goal is to bring the arts to communities locally, combining all age groups.
Was I helpful? When aren't I?
My help was extremely beneficial to the smooth functioning of the play. I noticed a small but just enough to be a problem of being short of help. Particularly during the take-down of the set I felt my help was extremely important. Even with everybody helping it still took about 5 hours to get everything packed up.
Why choose this service?
Not only was this service extremely appealing due to its involvement in the arts, but it's also just good fun. Getting to be up close and involved in a play rather than just watching it makes one appreciate it much, much more.
How I got my job as stage crew
My aunt, Christine Abitabile, is one of the original founders of Upstage. I helped when I was 8 years old by building a small pirate ship that was put on display for a Peter Pan play at CGCC. My aunt, being one of the main producers, literally just introduced me to the stage manager and said I was there to do whatever she needed. The stage manager used this to her fullest extent.
Experiences that affected me
When every sound monitor backstage went silent- A bad cable caused all the backstage monitors to go silent so nobody knew what was going on onstage and were missing entrances. I luckily fixed it quickly.
When one of the cast members went home sick- The second to last show one of the cast members got sick and another person had to fill their place. What made the situation particularly stressful was that the person had no idea the lines they needed.
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