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Copy of Project Management

No description

Ahmed Kehl

on 18 June 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Project Management

Hyten Corporation
Questions 1-8
Will formalized project management make it appear as though business development has taken power away from other groups?
Has Hyten done anthing wrong?
Do any of the managers appear to have valid arguments for their beliefs as to why formal project management should not be considered
What are some of the major problems facing the management of Hyten in accepting formalized project management?
Were the MBAS exposed to project management?
They keep getting personnel that are from outwith the business to come in and lead in projects
- meaning that more talented personel within the company will want to leave eg filteration
The hierarchy could maybe be a problem!
- ie the functional manager and the project manager could have different views
- either the direction of the project, or quality

The employee may only be on the job for a couple of weeks
- spends most of the time working alone
-PM will not get to know the employee as there is not a lot of contact
- may result in an average rating when they could have in fact done a brilliant job on site
Should formal project management give employees more room for personal growth?
Change isn't necessary, as they are already fully functional and they see no reason for changing!
There is already limitations to what staff can do, as they have their own projects and they wouldn't have time to spend with the project manager
Some workers are not in favor of the change as they think it seems to be working fine for them and their department
Too many people to run things by as there is more managers to talk to and that could hinder the communication process
expect backlash for people who have to teach employees the new ropes
Harold Grimes: Plant Manager
- thinks that people should be given the positions who are already in the business
- it will give them more work than long term benefits
- his argument states that they are already experiencing ''backlash from people who are required to teach new people the ropes''
-finally said that the currant system would work fine if people were hired from within!
Herman Hall: Director of MIS
-doesn't believe it will be possible to provide the reports needed by this management for several years
-as staff are already deeply involved in other projects which have already been delayed
-so unless currant project teams are broken up, and finish dates fall more behind, it will be difficult to put together another team!
Bob Gustwell: Scheduling Manager
-Says it is ''natural for employees to fight against any changes in management style''
-and the employees are used to and content with the way things are
John Rich: Director of engineering
- it will only mess things up,create problems
-his department being very technical, cant take direction from someone out with the department
- he thinks the project office will start to cut on specifications to save on time and money
-''engineering has always directed the projects, and we should keep it that way. we shouln't change a winning combination''
"I have several engineers who have MBA degrees and are pushing hard for better positions within engineering or management. They keep saying that formal Project Management is what we should have at Hyten"
Are there any good reasons why
Hyten should go to formal project management?
Formal Project Management will help stop the
unproductive internal competition in Hyten, there will be less competing between managers and the company and employees can instead focus on the main project goal collectively
"The informal approach we use just doesn't work all the time. But i'm sure that just any type of project management will work in our division"
Hyten has very diversified product
lines therefore the intro of official PM
means all resources can be allocated
efficiently and there is a reduction
of all products being treated the same
Managers within the Business Development
Department (BDD) who do informal project co-ordination will not have to take on the duties such as calling meetings and keeping everyone informed of their work status etc on top of their own work. This will mean these important tasks can have sole focus therefore would be efficient and effective
Communication will increase between departments if there is formal project management which will help highlight and solve problems for employees
Formal Project Management will mean all departments can participate in the planning of the project meaning no overlapping of work in departments etc
Fred Kuncl: plant engineer
- Has a good argument as he says that his department centres around highly unpredictable circumstances
- which means changing priorities
- He says project management would ''Hinder his departments activities'' as project management would burden them with different tasks
-believes it would ''weaken the departments functional specialization because it would require cross utilization of resources, manpower...''
Has Hyten taken
a reasonable
approach toward
implementing formal
project management?
Most of Hyten's managers see more pit falls than they do good for the company!
Confidential Interviews with
various managers to evaluate
the overall acceptance of the concept
of formal project management
Hiring of Wilbur Donley (history in Project Management) to examine the idea of expansion of BDD and bringing in formal project management
An outside consulting firm was
hired to give an in depth seminar on project
management to all managers and supervisors
Employees were also interviewed
for their views on project management
The Business development department are already in charge of 6 different tasks for the company, these tasks are...
1.The company's long and short-term business plans
2. Current sale forecasts
3.Economic and industry indicators
4.Profit potential
5. Internal Capacities
6.What customer is willing to pay versus estimated cost.
The Business development sector as shown takes up much of the companies working areas already. With the new formalized Project Management implemented, other sectors may feel that business development is doing more of their work as they now have more control in organizing and planning.
However The Business Development department have no authority over either functional managers or functional employees. Though the BDD are in charge of keeping the project moving, and giving reports of problems.
The absence of formal project management does not allow Hyton to focus on more than one direction at a time.
Ineffective Informal management has created a lack of cohesion between departments
There has been little recognition of changes which must be implemented before FPM is introduced.
The adopted management style will have a direct effect on the attitudes and motivation levels of employees.

Although there are many different views about the introduction of project management to Hyten with most workers supporting the idea, the general managers are less optimistic as they believe it may disrupt the current working system. However we believe that the company could greatly benefit with the introduction to project management as it can better bring different areas of the company together and will overall create a more efficient structure of work.

Positive results inspire your team to continue to look for ways to perform with higher efficiency.
Specific targets and time frames create guidelines whilst allowing employees greater insight and involvement.
"Project management would be especially advantageous to us because of our highly diversifies product lines".
" we could not provide computer support to an 'Overnight', change to project mangement".
It seems as though the MBAs have a mixed view on the implementation of project management. Some say that it would work in their division and others are saying it will only mess things up.
A lot of MBAs believe that the system that they currently have is already effective, they believe that their products are too technical for new schedules.
Founded in 1982
-manufactured automotive parts
-diversified over the years
- did not allow themselves to become specialized
- continuous growth for the past 15 years
- annual sales in excess of $600 million
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