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Slave Rebellions of the Civil War

No description

Laura Sabata

on 12 May 2010

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Transcript of Slave Rebellions of the Civil War

Slave Rebellions of the Civil War Nat Turner's Rebellion took place in Southampton County, Virginia in 1831 led by slave, Nat Turner killed 60 whites afterwards, 100-200 blacks were killed by mobs Rebellions Within the Plantations slaves took part in individual rebellions they would work slower they would purposely damage tools they would burn down buildings occasional acts of violence against whites John Brown's Raid attempt by white abolotionist to start slave revolt in 1859 stopped by US Marines led by Robert E. Lee Brown was found guilty of treason hung on December 2, 1859 Emancipation Proclamation passed by Abraham Lincoln in 1862 first order gave slaves in the South freedom allowed enrollment for slaves into the US Military
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