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The Hobbit Chapter 9

No description

Eric Echeverria

on 3 October 2013

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Transcript of The Hobbit Chapter 9

The Hobbit Chapter nine
By: Eric Echeverria & Efren Vargas
A: The dwarves got caught because they trespassed through their stone path. Bilbo did not get caught because he put on his ring that turned him invisible.(page 157)
The Hobbit Chapter 9

This presentation will only tell you about chapter nine and what happens. The name of the chapter is "Barrels Out of Bond."
Question one: Explain why the wood elves capture the dwarves but not Bilbo?
Question 2: Describe how Mr. Baggins got in and out of the closely guarded place?
A: He got in and out the gate by sneaking in and out with the elves that went to hunt or do other business. (page 159)
Question 4: Make an analysis as to why Thorin and the dwarves didn't tell the king why they where in the woods?
A: We think that they didn't tell the king why they where in the woods because because they didn't want him to keep all the treasure and keep them also.
(pages 161-162)
Question three: Provide an explanation for the necessity for Bilbo to continue burgling?
A: Bilbo was very hungry. Inside the caves he could pick up a living of some sort by stealing food from store or table when no one was looking. (page 174)
Question 5: Give a description of how Bilbo planned to help his friends escape and how?
A: He found another way in the castle and saw some barrels full of wine and other not so filled, which gave him the idea of putting the dwarves in the not to filled barrels. They then escaped by getting in the barrels. (pages 163-173)
Last question(finally): Make an analysis of the importance of the magic ring to Bilbo in this part of the adventure?
Our Answer: His magic ring helped the dwarves escape by helping Bilbo not get caught by the elves and helped him study the castle.
(pages 157-173)
"Barrels Out of Bond"
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