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Be A Savvy Job Hunter

No description

Carissa Miyano

on 24 November 2014

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Transcript of Be A Savvy Job Hunter

Be A Savvy Job Hunter
By: NAU Career Development
You are in control of your own job search!
Click through this short presentation to learn about how to spot job scams, how to conduct your own research if a job seems suspicious, and resources available to you.
Red Flags for Job Scams
Being offered the job without an interview
Job duties that do not match the initial job description
Email addresses that don't match the organization's name
Prepaying you for services or sending you a check
Asking you to pay a fee
Ridiculous compensation such as making $50-$100 an hour for running errands
"Hiring" you over email without having to fill out personnel or tax forms
The Don'ts
Never wire transfer money to someone you don't know
Never give out your bank account number, SSN, or credit card number early in the job search process or via phone or email
legally ask you for your SSN as part of a formal application process
Take control of your own job search!
provides reviews on companies by their employees
Check with the
Better Business Bureau
to see if the company is accredited
Accredited means that the business is legitimate and has a positive track record
Search for the recruiter on
Conduct a basic
search with quotations around the job description or "is (job) a scam?"



Better Business Bureau:

How to Avoid Job Scams:

Understanding Multi-Level Marketing Companies and Pyramid Schemes:

Questions or concerns?
Contact NAU Career Development at career@nau.edu
Can you spot the red flags?
What do I do if I spot a scam?
Notify the organization posting the job
If you saw the job position on Jobs for Jacks, contact NAU Career Development
Do not continue contacting the employer
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