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Laura Andrea Barbosa Sabogal

on 3 October 2016

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Transcript of OHIO

Halle Berry:
Alyson Stoner:
Toni Morrison was born on February 18, 1931 is an American writer, Pulitzer Prize winner in 1988 and the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1993. In his works, Morrison talks about the lives of people of color, especially women, and extols that community. He is a fighter for civil rights and committed to the fight against racial discrimination.
Cuyahoga Valley National Park:
Cuyahoga Valley National Park is located within the system of Ohio and Erie canals, national heritage area designated to commemorate regional and national contributions to the channel Ohio and Erie in the nineteenth century. The park offers recreations as bicycle trails, horse riding and hiking, fishing, golf and picnic areas, art and music programs, farm market, natural history programs and winter sports.
Cincinnati is a city of the American state of Ohio and county seat of Hamilton. The city is located in southwestern Ohio, along the Ohio River on the border of Ohio with Kentucky.Cincinnati is considered that was the first United States boomtown, expanding rapidly in the heart of the country in the early nineteenth century to rival the larger coastal cities in size and wealth. As the first major city of the country.
Ohio State was nicknamed the "Buckeye State" because of the many trees of this species that once covered the hills and meadows.
It is located in the Midwest region, Central Northeast division in the Great Lakes area, around which large populations of huge industrial power were established. It is in its territory the famous Lake Erie. Among the 50 states, is located at the thirty-fourth, its territorial area of 116,105 kilometers cuadrados.Su capital city is Columbus.
Actress Halle Berry was born into a family in Cleveland, Ohio. His father was a violent man who abused his mother for years, and that marked his infancia.Los beginnings are not easy and nobody becomes actress overnight, so when the young Berry moved to New York to try Luckily, he spent all his savings before finding a role. She survived thanks to the help and food provided to him in the homeless shelter and homeless. A few weeks later got his first role in a television series.
Alyson Rae Stoner (Toledo, Ohio, United States, August 11, 1993) is a singer, actress, dancer and actress of American voice. It is known for lending his voice to the character of Isabella in the Phineas and Ferb Disney Channel series for her role in the comedy Cheaper by the Dozen and Cheaper by the Dozen 2 and its role in the Disney Channel movie, Camp Rock.
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