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By: Will Danley

Allison Woodring

on 6 December 2012

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Transcript of Plants

PLANTS Plants Needs Plants need water, sun, air, and good soil. Droughts Droughts are long periods of time without precipitation.
Droughts cause fires.
They also make plants die, because of too much sun. Floods Floods are caused by too much rain.

Floods destroy crops by too much rain.
Floods also make food prices go up. Frost Frost happens when moisture in the air meets a cold surface and freezes.

In 2010 citrus crops were damaged.
Frost made the juice prices go up. All these types of weather can cause plants to die. If these weather types make food prices go up in a certain area where there is a famous food (such as sweet potatoes in North Carolina), lots of people would have to wait a long time for that food to grow again. By Will Danley Resources Internet
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