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Diary of a wimpy kid-Rodrick Rules by: jeff kinney

No description

sang thawng

on 28 May 2014

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Transcript of Diary of a wimpy kid-Rodrick Rules by: jeff kinney

Diary of a wimpy kid-Rodrick Rules by: jeff kinney
Start Date :April 17,2014Date finished: May 15,2014
Main characters
greg, mom, dad, Rodrick, Rowley , many
the setting took place in school and house.
Major external conflict
Greg's older brother Rodrick is constantly picking on Greg. The main conflict is between Greg and Rodrick. The tension builds between the two characters. It starts with pushing to someone getting locked in the basement .The problems between them gets even worse when mom decides to get involed. she make it worst.
Major internal conflict
robrick know greg biggest secrect and he afraid that if he upset robrick he will the everybody about this secrect.
i was remind of me and my brother becaues we alway most the time.

i like to know how robrick get to do alot of stuff that greg cant do.
i rated this book a 5 star becaues it funny and easy to read. it also good to know how younger brother feel about use when we bully them.
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