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The Five Orange Pips

The Story of Uncle Elias.

Luisa Bermudez

on 11 October 2012

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Transcript of The Five Orange Pips

Sherlock Holmes Short stories. The five Orange Pips. Conclusions This story reflects the daily life of people
who though they try to keep a secret
or hide something for a long time,
we will always know although this is the best kept secret.
as well ¨ between the sky and
the earth they say nothing is hidden ¨ 1. A Rainy Day in London, 1887. Places.
* America during the War
* Country house in England. 2. Places where The uncle Elias lived. Dundee.
East London locations that are sent letters The main idea (Plop.) Characters is detective story. Sherlock Holmes. the uncle of John Elias Openshaw. is a young London man who resorts to Holmes in his help John openshaw. is the father of John, who inherited the fortune
of his brother after his mysterious death Joseph Openshaw. Captain James Calhoun. is a good friend of sherlock holmes Watson.
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