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Water Contamination Caused by War in Iraq

No description

Maliha Khan

on 20 October 2013

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Transcript of Water Contamination Caused by War in Iraq

Water Contamination Caused by War in Iraq
Main Idea
In Iraq, UNICEF tells us that young children are getting severe health issues such as diarrhea because of the polluted water they drink caused by wars.
If people come together and help re build infrastructure in countries like Iraq from destructive wars, we can prevent waterborne diseases.
Baghdad, Iraq
Southwest Asia, between the Persian Gulf and Syria, neighboring Iran
33.3333°N, 44.38833°E
How does war impact access to clean drinking water in Iraq and contribute to human disease?
Temporary Solution:
Boil water before drinking to clean it and ensure no harm will be done to your health after drinking the water.
Long-Term Solution:
International development to re build infrastructure, and look for ways to remove chemicals from the environment and water. Use money from charities to follow through with the plan.
-destroyed sewage systems
-tap water is mixed with sewage
-rivers are contaminated
-radiation and uranium from war have contaminated water
-pollution from bombs in the war have contaminated the air and water
-waterborne diseases; typhoid fever, hepatitis, and severe diarrhea
-war - destruction and pollution - contaminates water and sewage systems - waterborne dieases
Middle East
Article: http://www.aljazeera.com/archive/2004/12/200849153556209283.html
All pictures: google images
Research: Irin News, Costs of War, Kurdish Media
Goods: People take their belongings with them when they leave. When shop owners leave, the movement of goods stops because there aren’t any or as much stores to sell products to. The movement increases in another part of the country because the businesses who sold products to the stores in Iraq must find other stores to sell to.

-Animals; animals need water to live like humans and if the water is making them sick or there isn’t enough, they must move to find more water. People will often take their animals with them when they leave.

The severe diarrhoea is caused by contaminated water and poor maintenance causing 70% of the deaths of Iraqi children.
The 2003 invasion destroyed the sewage systems and the water lines.
Since the invasion, the water supply has gotten increasingly contaminated each month causing harsh diseases (severe diarrhea).
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