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Martha Euphemia Lofton Haynes

No description

Sara P

on 29 March 2014

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Transcript of Martha Euphemia Lofton Haynes

Martha Euphemia Lofton Haynes
During Martha's life, many important things happened.
Contributions to Mathematics
First african american mathematician
Helped integrate D.C Public schools
First female to chair the D.C School Board
Facts About Martha
Lifespan- 1890-1980
Birthplace-Washington, D.C
Age of Death- 90 years old
Birth date- September 11th, 1890

Martha attended Smith College.
She also attended the University of Chicago.
She attended the Catholic University of America
Martha lived through World War 1
World War 1 took place during 1914-1918
She also lived through World War 2. World War 2 took place form 1939-1945
By: Sara Placencia
Father- Dr. William S. Lofton
Mother-Lavania Day Lofton
Husband- Harold Appo Haynes
Martha didn't have any children with
her husband.
Historic Events
Interesting Events From
Her Life
She was against the track system in Washington D.C
She was elected fellow for the association for the advancement of science in 1962
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