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Ares- god of war

No description

James Sinclair

on 28 February 2014

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Transcript of Ares- god of war

Ares was the god of war and violence...
- was the son of Zeus and Hera
- and was a lover of Aphrodite, the goddess of love
Who was Ares?
Ares was a very "violent" and "merciless" god...
- Ares was the first god to stand trial; once for murdering a son of Poseidon; and another time for raping his own daughter
Ares was also very ambitious
- Ares fought in many wars and would fight until the end
- When Aphrodite also loved Adonis, Ares Morphed into a bear and killed Adonis
Although Ares was a very violent god, he did have a soft side to his violent personality
- Since Ares was in love with Aphrodite, he lent his war chariot to her to impress her
-Ares also had approximately 50 children
- Ares was also known by his roman name "Mars"
Ares was a jealous god
Ares was one of the most violent gods out there
- Ares was the patron of all soldiers
- Symbols that represented Ares were a boar, a vulture, a dog and a bloody spear
More about Ares
- Aside from Ares being violent, merciless and ambitious, he was also very boastful, loud, cruel, bloodthirsty and cowardly
- Ares was a very athletic, handsome and a muscular man whom always wore his military helmet, his suit of armor and carried his spear and shield around at most times
- Since Ares was the god of war, he enjoyed to cause mayhem and start wars between other gods
- Ares also enjoyed fighting for no reason and was also a very good fighter
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"The Unpopular One." Ares’ Biography. N.p., n.d. Web. 07 Jan. 2013.
The End
James Sinclair

Mr. Viola


Tuesday, January 7, 2013
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