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I use both sides of my brain equally

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Charlie Pope

on 25 September 2013

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Transcript of I use both sides of my brain equally

Charlie Pope's Prezi
I use both sides of by brain equally.
Because I use all of my brain equally I am creative and very imaginative. I still like to know the whole picture of a task but I don't mind the need to break it down into managable parts and complete it within a time scale. Most people who use both sides of their brain equally can adapt to new learning patterns but often don't like to accept other points of view, however, this is irrelevant for me.
My learning types are: Visual, Auditory, and Kinaesthetic.
My learning types are all three, but it really depends. Some days I could be two, most days I'm all three and I could be just one sometimes. As I'm all three it means I can learn well from auditory learning, getting practical and taking a try myself, and visually watch someone explain it and demonstrate it. I'm definitely all three becasue I've used all three to learn throughout my life.
My general learning style is Flexible.
This means that I don't mind working in any situation, whether it's loud, lots of music, quiet, messy, clean, etc. No matter the conditions, I don't really mind.
How I help my learning using my imagination.
When I think about something, I sometimes thing in pictures or words, but mainly I think by going back into my memories and play it like a partial video in my head and go through everything I remember. Or when I'm trying to design something I build it in my head and test different things on it etc. Kind of hard to explain.
The benefits of knowing my learning styles are.
If I know my learning styles I can incorporate them into my learning to help me learn better. This could benefit because if I learn better i'll probably remember more and do better in college.
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