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Copy of Copy of Business etiquette

No description

Clairdine Estimable

on 2 October 2012

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Transcript of Copy of Copy of Business etiquette

Order food that are easy to eat, avoid sloppy food
Rules to help you prepare for you next interview in a business luncheon. Introduction Remembering Names Proper way to
Introduce yourself • BEFORE THE MEAL:
1)Shake the hands of all presents at the table
2)Introduce and say something about yourself to establishes a common ground

􀂃 Business Clothes • Concentrate on introduction
• Repeat the name when through out conversation
• Use association to try and remember
Remain Standing until you host sits! Hand Shakes When?
• Shake hands when you meet and when you leave.
• In a group, shake with the host first.
• Stand.
• Grasp the other person’s palm firmly for 3-4 seconds.
• Smile.
• If both hands are full, saucy hands, etc., don’t shake.
• If person has a prosthesis or arthritic hands, place your hand on their forearm or upper arm while saying hello.
“It is generally agreed that ‘Hello’ is an appropriate greeting because if you entered a room CELL PHONES turn off you phone or put it on vibration
If you MUST answer a call,go somewhere you won’t disturb others. Address: 2075 stokes blvd, Cleveland OH
Cleveland School of Science & Medicine
Office :(216)229-0070
Fax:(216)229-0101 Business Cards Why do we use them? WE USE THEM
To tell people who you are and how to reach you
Give to agent attached to report, article, or newspaper that may be of interest to someone
As Gift enclosure with business gift Handing Them Out CORPORATE IMAGE Here is a checklist of things to keep in mind when trying to look the part you want:
• Hair
Hair should be clean, professionally styled, and neatly combed. The style should complement your face shape. Keep the glittery clips at home.
Eyebrows should not be bushy, and nose and ear hair should be trimmed.
• Face
Women should wear makeup.
Men should keep their faces clean shaven.
• Hands
Fingernails should be all one length and polished/buffed for women. Men should keep nails buffed and trimmed to one length. Green, blue, and other obnoxious nail colors are unprofessional. NETWORKING • Clothing, behavior, and mannerisms show confidence level.
• Make direct eye contact and remember to blink.
• Good posture and confidence give the impression of competence and self-esteem.
• If you have an idea who will be there, make a list (mental or actual) of people you want to approach.
• Smile. Break out of your comfort zone. Mingle.
• Keep business cards handy just in case.
• Talk to strangers, introduce yourself with name and department, or name and company if you are from another company.
• Start with an opening question (“Where are you from?”).
• Carry drinks with your left hand, cocktail napkin underneath, so right hand is free to shake hands.
• Don’t monopolize, keep it to a few minutes, and keep mingling.
• Don’t question professionals for free advice. Business talk is not small talk! Dining Etiquette If it is a new item and you do not like the taste, too bad deal with it.
should AVOID Experimenting with new foods in a business situation.
should AVOID Difficult and/or messy foods.
should AVOID Toothpick. Excuse yourself to the restroom to remove unwanted items from your teeth
should AVOID Talking with food in your mouth.
should AVOID Sampling another’s food.
should AVOID Discussing diet. When Handing them out
•Be selective
• Wait until a senior executive asks for your card
• Be discreet
• Avoid bringing them out during meals
• When at a meeting outside your office, hand the card to the receptionist, but wait for someone else in the meeting to initiate the exchange
• Only hand out cards in good condition, with name facing up
• Know how to hand out business cards if you’re working with clients from different cultures Body
Shower and use deodorant.
Your favorite scent or aftershave is fine as long as only those close enough to kiss you can smell it.
Rinse with mouthwash after brushing your teeth.
• Clothing
Keep it all clean and pressed.
Polish your shoes.
Pay attention to quality and fit of clothing.
• Accessories: quality is important, do not be stingy when purchasing. less is more.
Accoutrements DO
• Use new words and expand your vocabulary
• Compliment
• Maintain good eye contact
• Establish a common ground
• Ask questions
• Be clear in what you say DON’T
• Use jargon or slang terms
• Gossip or preach
• Interrupt or burst another’s bubble
• Be loud or talk too fast
• Go into too much detail or go on and on
• Finish others’ sentences let guest of honor sit next to host
Place your napkin in your lap
Blowing your nose in your napkin. You can wipe your nose at the table with a tissue, but if you really have to blow like a foghorn, excuse yourself and go to the restroom.
Licking your fingers. Use your napkin instead when eating finger foods
If food is improperly prepared, the host should be the one to send it back for the guest.
If it was not ordered, the host should send it back. Proper Etiquette for a Business Luncheon place your napkin on you lap after everyone is seated and after you host/hostess has moved his/her napkin Sit up straight and do not tip back your chair when ordering the food let your host/hostess take the lead, this will give you an idea of what to eat.
If he/she is not first in line to order ask for his/her recommendation Do not order the most expensive on the menu and do not order any unfamiliar food
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