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Snapshot autobiography

No description

emilie hruby

on 10 August 2015

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Transcript of Snapshot autobiography

About Emilie
My name is Emilie Hruby
I live in Plain Local (Canton, OH)
I was born June 28th 1998
When I was 4 years old I had a wooden cellar door (trap door like in the wizard of oz) fall on my left foot. Yes, it cut off my big toe and 2 little toes next to it but dont worry they stitched them back together (my big toe is just a little funky)
It has shaped me by being able to deal with pain better. I was in Akron Childrens for over a month on the cancer floor (it was that serious) I became friends with lots of other kids and also visited by dogs! maybe thats why i love dogs so much?
The last thing that has affected my life would be my parents divorcing. My parents divorced when I was 10 (which is why I moved here)
My birth
I was born in 1998 with my eyes open and my hand in my mouth because I was hungry (as usual)
I was also born with dark black hair which is weird because I have blonde hair, turns out it all fell out a couple days later and i was bald till i was 1!
emilie's Snapshot autobiography
I interviwed my mom about this because her and my dad were there for me the whole time! so who else would know more?
when i was first born!
another big thing that affected my life was moving from a small town with a class of 20 to a big city with a class of over 400.
I moved here from a small town when i was 10 years old. it was really hard on me, I left my best friend that I have had since the age of 4 but thankfully we are still best friends to this day!
It affected my life because I was a big daddys girl so seeing my parents split made me have many emotions especially since I was so young.
But thanfully my little brother and I are able to see my dad every other weekend and my parents get along great!

I am choosing when my foot got hurt when i was 4 because i only remember some things..
Where did it happen? And why did it happen?
(my moms answer) It happened at my grandmas house, It happened because you (me) spilled mac&cheese on your new outfit and got upset so I (my mom) went to clean it and forgot the water was on and flooded the basement. So I went down there to clean it up and you got upset because I was ignoring you so you closed the cellar door but since it is so heavy and you were only little it dropped on your foot and I had to push the cellar door open by myself and grab you and call 911 while I was panicking!!
when i was in the hospital i was put on the cancer floor and it seemed as if the accident happened for a reason because i became friends with a young girl who had in operable brain cancer and she and i would come in my room to visit and i would brighten her day and help her forget about her sickness
our stories are different because i dont remember the small details like my parents who had to go through it.
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