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Barsbek - kgan of Yenisei Kyrgyz

No description

Kyial Bakytbek kyzy

on 10 October 2014

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Transcript of Barsbek - kgan of Yenisei Kyrgyz

International relationships
Story by Aman Gaziev about Barsbek
In turkic sources written by Tonukuk and Bilge Kagan he is ingrate betrayer
In kyrgyz sources(VIII) he is valiant and brave ruler
In order to protect his people, in 709, he entered into a union with Chinese Tang Empire and Turgesh Kaganate
in 710 he make an agreements withTibet (Eren Ulug)

Story by Aman Gaziev
710 summer-meeting

He was the first and the last person among Ajo rulers who get title of kagan

To the bitter end he inspired his warriors
By uniting kyrgyz tribes he tried to make great power in Central Asia

Barsbek-kagan of Yenisei Kyrgyz
Barsbek lived in 7th-8th centuries
He was from the ancient Kyrgyz ruling dynasty
He is also known as “Umai Beg"
In his early ages his father died and he stayed with his 4 brothers
In 689 took the title Ynanchu Alp Bilge
Barsbek played a big role in a history of Kyrgyzstan
Participants: 4 brother of Barsbek
3 main advisors and rulers
6 bags(regional rulers)
Tan Gu( Delegate of Tang)
Baglila( Delegate of Turgesh Kaganate)
Kul-Tegin( Delegate of Turks)
Dispute among them
Kul- tegin begin to insult and diminish all guests
Barsbek was satisfied, because he increased hatred to turks
Kul- Tegin was catched to be punished
Utkul was responsible for the Kul-Tegin (Warder)
Yaruk asked for looking after him
He ask a permission to go home and came back
Two shamans
Kyrgyz Hospitality
Kymyz was mixed with potion
Yaruk and little az were betrayers

Little az wanted to make free his sister

Yaruk go back to bring precious ringзкусшщгы
Utkul woke up and go to the ambar
He saw there Yaruk and everything was clear
Yaruk killed Utkul and make a suicide
Figures in Turk Kaganate

Kutlug kagan (Ilterish)
Kapagan kagan
Kul-Terin-sun of Kutlug
Tonyukuk-a wise advisor

Crusade against Barsbek
Little az was forced to show the direction of the Kyrgyz people
He tried to confuse them and finally when they realize it, he was killed
The Turkic army, however, found their way to the Yenisei over mountain passes to the North, which had been thought to be unassailable
Kyrgyz was taken by surprise(at inter night)
Tradegy of Barsbel
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