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OOLUX - Product presentation

No description

Pascal Briod

on 4 August 2014

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Transcript of OOLUX - Product presentation

A high quality solar power kit for lighting and charging purposes Modularity Originality Versatility Affordability Reliability Opportunity Key features MODULARITY OOLUX Powerbox Solar Panel OOLUX LED Lamp At the heart of the OOLUX lighting system, the OOLUX Powerbox is an intelligent battery with two USB output ports. It also includes a micro-finance management system. The Powerbox can be charged with any type of solar panel (up to 10W). The default solar module distributed with the OOLUX system is very reliable and of the size of a sheet of paper. The OOLUX LED Lamps provide a very powerful lighting source while consuming very little energy. Thanks to their 3 meter cables and their ingenious design, the lamps can be used in several contexts. Content of the kit: Additional modules Universal mobile
phone adapter OOLUX desk
stand Other possibilities RELIABILITY The PowerBox can power many USB-powered devices, like small radios or fans. An additional usb hub (not included) enables to multiply the possibilities. VERSATILITY OOLUX at home OOLUX at work Studying in better conditions Charging mobile
phones Back-up solution in case of grid failures Working in better conditions Mobile phone
charging station Electricity
center AFFORDABILITY Micro-financing in 6 steps The customer selects a payment plan and makes the first payment. The retailer activates the PowerBox for the corresponding period. The customer installs his kits at home or at work

At the end of the pre-paid period, the OOLUX kit is automatically deactivated The customer comes back to the retailer to make the next payment and the retailer activates the PowerBox for a new period

At the end of the pre-paid period, the OOLUX kit is automatically deactivated The customer has to make a new payment to re-activate the PowerBox which, after the pre-paid period, would be deactivated until the next payment, and so on until the final payment 1. 2. 3. 4. Once the customer has paid the full value of the kit, he can use his solar power kit without any additional expenses 5. 6. Activation of the PowerBox in 3 steps OPPORTUNITY An efficient business model DISTRIBUTION REGULAR REVENUES EXPANSION Packaging and kit pictures Available in two colors www.oolux.org More information on
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