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MKT 220


Lee Kennedy

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of MKT 220

Perception SMIRNOFF VODKA The process of attaining information through our five senses, and interpreting and assigning meaning to this information Exposure
How many cases of Smirnoff are sold annually?
a.10 million
b.15 million
c.25 million
In how many countries is Smirnoff sold?
c.150 Can you identify the brand? Memorable things happen with Humour Controversy Who has seen these ads? Short Film Pitch Intensity Position Isolation and contrast:
The separation of a stimulus object from other objects. Individuals attend more closely to stimuli that contrast with the background. Format is the manner in which the message is presented
Compressed Messages Brightly coloured and moving items are more noticeable than dull and still ones The recent and controversial nature of each of these celebrity’s stories will create a memorable perception of the Smirnoff brand amongst our target market Humour creates a memorable and humorous image for the Smirnoff brand Julian Dias
Kathryn Marshall
Lee Kennedy
Natalie Lavelle-Mangan Piotr Smirnov founded the Smirnoff brand in Moscow during the 1860's Following the Russian revolution Smirnov's son set out to revive the family brand Using the French version of his family name, production of Smirnoff Vodka began in 1934 History of Smirnoff It has held the position as the world’s number one selling premium vodka brand for many years
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