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Frida Vardehaug

on 28 April 2013

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Transcript of Engelsk

Women's soccer The history of women's soccer Since soccer has been the subject of the myth of masculinity, women’s have often been problematic connotations... Women started playing soccer around the same time as men did in England... Women’s soccer has always been in the shadow of men’s soccer.
"But we don’t give up! We can show the boys that we are good." Here are a couple of legendary soccer players that sparked up the entire women's world cup history: Mia Hamm Being one of the most productive
strikers in the history of the American
women's soccer team, Mia Hamm became
a spokesperson and representative for
women's sports all over the World. Marta Vieira da Silva As you know Football is a religion in Brazil and
women there are quite religious themselves.
Marta Vieira de Silva took up the beautiful sport
at an early age and was quickly spotted as a
great talent. Shannon Boxx Although not having such a flashy career
as some of her colleagues from the American
National Team, Shannon Boxx was well respected
for her commandership on the pitch and for her
ability to be decisive at exactly the needed moment.
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