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I am David-HUBLER

anne holm

stephanie lulo

on 30 November 2012

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Transcript of I am David-HUBLER

I am David plot conflict critique My personal opinion about the book is that it a very good book so far and i would recommend the book to anyone because its makes you think about what happens and how it all accrued character
The main character is David only things he has that helped him get to were he is is a little compass, small knife, and the pieces of bread to eat.nothing else only what he finds on his way.
Johannes his friend from the camp
the man from the boat setting David is a young boy who escapes and is out of the camp, for hem the camp felt like a prison he. when he made it out by not getting cough he wonder around place finding his way. He then realizes he had his freedom and he should use it as long as he had it. he travels from Salonika to Italy. He finds a hiding spot to not be found. He washes up by the water were he sleeps by, he uses the little soap they gave him at the camp.
He walk around Italy learning how to speak Italian even tho he knew some but forgot most of it. despite the fact he already knows some spanish, French, german, and English. by:Anne Holm David escapes from a grisly concentration camp by the help of a man.

David walked through the woods then he end up in a little city try's to find his way to the man who helped hem escape. book summery The beginning took place in Salonika were David started out with Johannes.The other place it takes place is in Italy were he lives by a rock down by the water.
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