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Metamorphosis Character Analysis: Grete Samsa

No description

Madison Mocek

on 20 January 2015

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Transcript of Metamorphosis Character Analysis: Grete Samsa

In my opinion there are two changes in Grete's character throughout the story.
How does Grete's character evolve throughout the story?
Grete's Second Transformation
-The second change is less obvious and more symbollic.
-In the beginning of the story it is mentioned how young and naive Grete is. This is brought up several times, pointing out the fact that she is not yet an adult or reached her full maturity.
-But the way she takes on responsibility by getting a job to help the family with their financial problems along with the way her attitude and actions slowly change throughout the story.... By the end you (and the family) realize that she has grown from a young girl into a mature young woman.
Grete's First Transformation
-There's the obvious change in the way she treats and feels towards Gregor.
-At the beginning she is the only person who isn't completely repulsed by Gregor. She regularly brings him food, moves his chair to be by the window, and is the only person Gregor really "interacts" with.
-But throughout the story, especially towards the end Grete becomes resentful of her duty to take care of Gregor. She took on the responsibility to get an actual job, then she is expected to come home to her second job; taking care of Gregor. In the end she even suggests that they get rid of Gregor.
By: Madison Mocek
Metamorphosis Character Analysis: Grete Samsa
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