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TELPAS Writing Collections 12-13

No description

Lisa Geib

on 18 February 2013

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Transcript of TELPAS Writing Collections 12-13

Type 1 TELPAS Writing Collections Basic descriptive writing on a personal/familiar topic Type 2 Writing about a familiar process Type 4 Type 3 Narrative writing about a past event Type 5 Expository and other extended writing on an ELA topic Do NOT include... Papers that are brief, incomplete, or rushed Papers containing copied language Papers in which student relies heavily on resources (dictionary, thesaurus, etc.) Papers showing teacher comments and corrections Worksheets and question-answer assignments Papers that have been polished with help from peers or teachers Papers written primarily in student’s native language Sample Prompts: Write about yourself, your family, your best friend, your school, etc. Describe what you are seeing in this picture, photo, artwork, etc. Compare yourself to a friend or relative by describing how you are alike and different Compare two friends, two pictures, two photos, two places you've lived or houses you've lived in, etc. Remember to include a copy of any pictures or photos used Sample Prompts Write about your daily routine (getting ready for school, what you do after school or on the weekends) Write about how to prepare a familiar food or recipe. Write about how to play a familiar game, sport, or hobby. Examples: Stories about something that happened or that you did that was disappointing, unforgettable, surprising, interesting, funny, unfair, etc. Original stories composed in creative writing activities (using past tense verbs) Narratives about what you did this morning, this weekend, last year, for a holiday, or birthday At least one Type 3 writing is REQUIRED for each student's collection Examples: A time you learned a lesson, resolved a problem, etc. What true friendship is, the importance of believing in yourself, setting goals, etc. What you like, dislike, would like to change, etc. A person you admire or has influenced you How first impressions of people can change Personal narratives
and reflective pieces Examples: Compare events or characters in text to self, other texts, or world Analyze character changes, motivations, traits, etc. Compare story variants (movie version, Cinderella adaptations, True Story of 3 Little Pigs, etc.) Write persuasively to influence reader to take an action Writing responses providing text evidence to demonstrate understanding (inferences, predictions, conclusions, etc.) Type 6 Expository or procedural writing from science, math, or social studies Examples: Science Math Social Studies Type 6 - Science Sample Prompt Ideas Explain a scientific process you've learned about Explain the steps in a scientific investigation or experiment you've done Write about a recent topic studied in science class Write about why lab safety rules are important Write about how to use a specific science tool Write about a way to solve a problem outside of school using math Explain the steps in a math process (order of operations, long division, comparing fractions, generating proportions, etc.) Reflect on the thinking you did to solve a math problem Write about something you've learned in math class Type 6 - Math Sample Prompt Ideas Type 6 - Social Studies Sample Prompt Ideas Writing about a historical figure, the person's contributions or significance, etc. Write an expository piece about an important historical or current event Defend a point of view about a government policy or controversial issue Write a persuasive piece to influence a change in policy or law at least two samples of Type 6 writing are REQUIRED for each collection
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