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Lab Expectations

No description

Amber Wharton

on 25 September 2012

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Transcript of Lab Expectations

Lab Expectations Happy wife, happy life? Counters and tables are meant for
working, not sitting The checklist on your cabinet door needs to be filled out by the teacher before you can leave All dirty towels and aprons go into the green basket Everyone works and everyone tries at least one bite of everything Keep all ingredients in the front of the room. Bring small bowls up to get all your ingredients and then put them together in your kitchen Use the exact amount of ingredients from your recipes. Other classes will be using the same ingredients Remember, if Wharton's not happy, aint nobody happy Hands should be washed before, during, and after food prep All equipment needs to be put back in the correct place Food needs to stay in the classroom. Leftovers will not be able to go home in most cases Food that is in the pantry and refrigerators that is not intended for your labs/recipe is off limits. Serve yourself food on a plate and take your food to a table to eat. The evaluation of labs will be eaten as if we are a family. We practice good manners, wait for everyone to be served before we eat, and all help clean up after Inappropriate behavior (snapping towels, horseplay, etc.) may result in a zero for the lab. Serious offenses could result in loss of cooking privileges Stay in your own kitchen All dishes should be hand washed and dried with a cloth towel unless directed by the teacher to put them in the dishwasher Leftover food should be wrapped appropriately and placed in the refrigerator
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