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IH SIA Presentation

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natalie ong

on 9 February 2013

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Transcript of IH SIA Presentation

Done by : Joey Tay Yi Qin (11)
Natalie Ong Jiaqi (23)
Ong Jing Hui (25)
Woh Jing Ru (30)
Secondary 401 Welfare In Negotiation Due to increasing cost of living, many low-income Singaporeans have insufficient economic resources to cope financially in areas such as healthcare, housing and living expenses. The policies implemented in response to problems directly created by the government’s stand on self-reliance are ineffective, overall, in helping low-income Singaporeans in Sembawang GRC cope with financial burdens. OUR HYPOTHESIS A PROBLEM SEMBAWANG GRC??? Research Methods 1. Face-to-face surveys with the residents For greater understanding of respondents’ views on the effectiveness of the current policies in alleviating their financial burdens

Require time--only able to get a very small sample size--hence less representative results
Collated backgrounds of each person so as to facilitate interpretation of results. 2. Interview with Mr Khaw Boon Wan - MP of Sembawang GRC
- Former Minister of Health
- Current Minister of National
Development 3. Using a wide variety of online sources - To enhance the academic rigour
- To increase the reliability of our resources PROFESSOR WELLY :) A Re-enactment :) Please use your flip-cards wisely! :) C
N Thank you very much for your attention! :) We hope you will support WINConvo! Recommendations 1. Government
focus on looking into the specific needs of different individuals
Dispel the notion that all public seminars/conversations will be a waste of time.
Provide more details on how a sustainable welfare system can be maintained Recommendations 2. Recipients/People living in Singapore
understand that the government has their constraints
refrain from making demanding/unreasonable requests :) Recommendations for FURTHER RESEARCH PS. in case you haven't been reading IH notes...that's David Cameron, current Prime Minister of Britain, a nation that practises institutional welfare. Audio_1 is an account from one of the surveyed residents. His daughter has recently been diagnosed with a long-term illness and he has just been retrenched.
Listen intently to the clip. 2. Find out if Singapore government can improve the current residual welfare system by moving towards an institutional one

Weigh pros and cons of institutional welfare in relation to Singapore’s context--to what extent do you think institutional welfare can be carried out? Discuss in groups of 3 or 4 the following issues :

1. Why do you think the poor are feeling so much resentment towards the government, and how do you think this can be remedied? Share your thoughts with the class :) Share your thoughts with the class :) 1 min 3 mins 3 mins Research Methods presented by.... To the song lyrics! :) FLIP when you see this sign, and check that you are on the right page! :) FLIP (2) Q&A FLIP (1) FLIP (3) FLIP (6) PROFESSOR WELLAFARE -
FUTURE MINISTER OF WELFARE Q1. Name the first of the research methods we used in our research :D Q2. What was the name of the minister we interviewed and what role does he play in the government? Q3. Name one of the concerns (portrayed in the skit) that the poor chap had. Q4. What was the Block number that Professor Welly was reporting from? Conclusion :)
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