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What are Pro Forma Financial Statements?

Pro forma statements summarize the projected future status of a company, based on the current assumptions.

Nicola Roark

on 10 March 2015

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Transcript of What are Pro Forma Financial Statements?

What are Pro Forma
Financial Statements?

Pro Forma
Financial Statements include:
Your Cash Flow Statement Tells You:
Exactly where your company is getting and spending its cash
Your Balance Sheet Tells You:
Why Does My Startup Need Pro Forma Financial Statements?
To validate your business idea financially
To demonstrate viability to investors
To forecast when you'll start to make money
To pivot your business towards success
Your Income Statement Tells You:
How much revenue and profit (or loss) your company is generating

All the things your company owns
All the things your company owes
An income statement
A cash flow statement
A balance sheet
How efficient your company is in generating profit from sales
Shareholders' Equity
The difference between Assets and Liabilites
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