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Hitler's Right Hand Man

Learning Centers Project

Julianne Ferrie

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Hitler's Right Hand Man

Hitler's Right Hand Man: Goebbels By: Julianne Ferrie Josef Goebbels (1897-1945) was one of the main political leaders in Nazi-Germany, during World War II. He was the Minister of Propaganda, and was very skilled at manipulating and twisting around information to make it benefit him and the Nai Party. He was in charge of things like the huge burning of books after issuing lists of books that the German people was forbidden to buy or read. Everything was done to prevent the people living in Germany from reading, watching, and listening to any free information. Everything was supposed to make the German people believe that Hitler was their great leader, that the country was going to take over Europe to make it a better place, and that the Jews were wrong and bad. This propaganda was intented to control what people thought and believed. He made huge campaigns that targeted at certain groups of people, and one of those was why Germany should invade Poland. Goebbels was one of Hitler's closest advisors and he strongly believed that Hitler was always right, and this is why Hitler trusted him as much as he did. Even at the very end of the war, when Germany was losing the war and that Hitler was becoming crazy, Goebbels stayed with Hitler in a bunker, under the Chancellery in Berlin, unlike some high officers and close advisors, who tried to escape Berlin before the Allies enter the city and took over. Goebbels committed suicide with his wife (after killing their 6 children), in the bunker, one day after Hitler's suicide.
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