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08_ARC 102 Week 8_Modular units Set Up

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robert alexander

on 11 March 2018

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Transcript of 08_ARC 102 Week 8_Modular units Set Up

18 "X 32" lazer bed size (at Cal Poly Pomona)
be sure to leave a border at the edges (.5 inches here)

set up your brick pattern. this should be simple. it is the stakcing pattern that makes it complex. not the brick shape. Remember Brunelleschi!!!!!

consider what the sunlight will do in terms of shadows. make some portotypes ahead of time.

Please find below a list of professional laser cutting operations around town:

The Build Shop (www.thebuildshop.org)
Know How Shop (www.knowhowshopla.com)
LA Laser Cutting (www.lalasercutting.com)
Lasers Over Los Angeles (www.lasersoverlosangeles.com)
Somewhere Something (www.somewheresomething.com)
Triumph Custom CNC and Laser Works (www.triumphcnc.com)
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