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Lower Rio NCP Choices

Find out what more on the Lower Rio NCP Choices Program

Omar Trevino

on 1 August 2013

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Transcript of Lower Rio NCP Choices

Non Custodial Parent Choices Program
NCP Choices Program
Create Buy-In
Out of roughly one million Texas Parents who are suppose to pay child support, about 460,000 are behind on one or more payments.
Child support is a key part of a custodial parent's income, making up 20.8 percent of income for all custodial parents, and 62.6 percent of income for those living at poverty levels.
Children living in single parent households are five times more likely to live in poverty than those who live in two parent households.
NCP Engagement
Employment Services
Case Management
NCP Program
Collaborative effort of Office of Attorney General of Texas, Family Court Judges, and Texas Workforce Commission to help NCPs overcome barriers to employment while becoming economically self sufficient and making consistent child support payments.
Four Core Elements
Court Ordered Participation.
Presence of Workforce Solutions staff in courts to meet with NCP.
Intensive case management by Workforce Solutions staff.
Close communication with program partners regarding NCPs' participation and progress.
Non Custodial Parent Engagement
Involve NCP in the Process
The Value of Employment
Support the Change
Case Management
Work In Texas
Resume Writing
Interviewing Tips
Mock Interviews
Soft Skills Development

Individualized Comprehensive Assessment
Identify & Address Barriers
Goal Setting
Provide Job Referrals
Engage in Employment Activities
Case Manage
Work In Texas Application
Employment Leads
Subsidized Employment
Job Developments
Work In Texas
Job Clubs
Center Hiring Events
RGV Operation Get Hired
Employment Services
Business Services Unit
Provide weekly lists of entry level positions, or positions requiring minimal education or experience.
Weekly meetings with Career Counselors to discuss issues in placing customers in employment, subsidized employment work site needs, employment leads and job developments.
Provide listing of employers who hire individuals with background issues.
Coordination of Hiring Events based on customer needs.
Act as a liaison between customer and employers for employment opportunities.
Offender Friendly Employers
NCP Choices Program...
Breaking Down Barriers to Employment

Non Conventional Employment Resources
Understanding that finding employment can be a full-time job, our Lower Rio Grande Valley Workforce Solutions has created the following tools to help our job seekers find employment opportunities during non traditional hours:
Career Counselor
Job Readiness
Supervised Job Search
Career Counselor-Employment Services Collaboration
Customer Ordered Into NCP Program

Initial Discussion
Set Expectations
Appointment Scheduling
Orientation Packet
Workforce Maps
RGV Operation Get Hired
Workforce Job Alerts
Details that make a difference...
Open Communication with OAG, Family Courts, TWC, and Workforce Partners
Creating NCP Buy-In From Onset
Quality Case Management
Career Counselor Collaboration with Employment Services
Employment Resources
Continuous Service Evaluation and Improvement

Non Conventional Employment Resources
Source: US Census Bureau-Custodial Mothers and Fathers and their Child Support: 2009
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