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Every Trip Is a Quest

No description

Lela Owens

on 27 August 2014

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Transcript of Every Trip Is a Quest

Main Ideas
Every quest consists of:
A quester
A place to go
A stated reason to go there
Challenges and trials on the way
A real reason to go there
The real reason is always self-knowledge.
The Quester
The quester is the protagonist or hero. He or she is usually lacking some quality in their character or is unsatisfied with their current situation.
The Stated Reason
Of course, the hero has to have a reason to begin their journey. The stated reason is the explicit reason that the hero goes on her quest. The stated reason is usually explained by another character in the story if not the character herself.
To Sum It All Up
Every Trip Is a Quest
Thank you!

Trials and Tribulations
A quest wouldn't be a quest if the hero didn't encounter obstacles that test her determination and character. The trials and tribulations could be anything that causes a problem for the hero throughout her quest. The quester usually learns or grows from these challenges, resulting in a stronger quester.
The Real Reason
The stated reason for the quest is explained early in the story, but the real reason is often revealed at the end of the story. The real reason is the underlying lesson that the character learns on her quest. The true reason for a character to go on a quest usually contributes to a major theme of the story.
It's Always Self-Knowledge!!
The underlying reason for a quester to go on a quest is always to gain self-knowledge. The hero learns something about themselves and the world around them.
(Except When It's Not)
by Lela Owens and Armani Baktyary
A Place to Go
The hero on a quest always has some place that they need to go. This is her destination. Most of the story is spent following the hero on her journey to reach the destination.
Every quest has a quester, place to go, a reason to go, obstacles along the way, and a real reason to go. That reason is always to gain self-knowledge.
Dorothy in
The Wizard of Oz
is our quester.
Dorothy and her friends are trying to reach the Wizard of Oz.
The group wants to go see the Wizard in hopes that he will grant their wishes.
The Wicked Witch and her flying monkeys try to prevent Dorothy and her friends from reaching the Wizard.
Dorothy and the others learn that the things they desired were within them all along.
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