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No description

Rana Al O

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of 432

432 Class Leader
Norah Alnegheimish Academic Leader
Shaikha Aldossari Chairman of Medical Education Department Resource Coordinators

Zaina Alsawah
Abrar Alfaifi Small Group Representatives in Problem-Based Learning

Areeb Alkhamis
Eman Al-Bediea
Khulood Al-Raddadi
Leena Alyahya
Najd Alotaibi
Noor Alzahrani
Rawan AlQuaiz
Rehab Mosleh
Rihaf Algain
Sara Habis
Sara AlDayel
Shatha Al-Shaqeeti Class Representative for Salam

Khulood Al-Raddadi Attendance Supervisors

Jawaher Enani
Ghadah Alharbi Clinical Skills Leaders

Arwa Al-Mashaan
Dana Aldabeeb
Khulood Al-Raddadi
Latifah Alfahad
Manar AlEid
Sara Habis 432 First Year Ceremony

Yara Alsalloum Holy Qur'an Anatomy Team

Eman Al-Bediea
Jawaher Enani Biochemistry Team

Manar AlEid Histology Team

Rana Al Ohaly Embryology Team

Asma Al-Mohizea Microbiology Team

Latifah Alfahad
Shahad Alharbi Pathology Team

Roqaih Aldueb
AlHanouf AlJaser
Dana Aldabeeb Genetics Team

Zaina Alsawah Immunology Team

Bayan Al-Amr Physiology Team

Khulood Al-Raddadi Pharmacology Team

Razan Alhoqail
Ghadah Alharbi Revision Team

Bayan Al-Mugheerah HAVE A GREAT SUMMER!

SEE YOU IN SECOND YEAR... Samiha Aljetaily
Tarfah Alobaidan
Alanoud Alhedyan Designed by
Rana Al Ohaly Dr. Sami Alnassar
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