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Cancer (leukemia)

This was our prezi for exhibition on leukemia and cancer in general. One day, I might add the script

Heather Chen

on 7 November 2015

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Transcript of Cancer (leukemia)

Don't smoke or second hand smoke
Exercise for at least 25 min. for at least 5 times a week
Dress properly for the sun
Choose poultry and fish instead of red meat
Eat fruits and vegetables with anti cancer in them
Stay away from radiation and toxic gases
Limit drugs like alcohol
Welcome To Our 4th Grade Exhibition Presentation
Heather chose this topic because she wanted to learn about cancer and one of her friend's grandma survived cancer twice but died the third time her cancer returned.

Drew chose this topic because her best friend's mom had cancer and she wanted to know more about cancer.

Abby chose this topic because her mom's friend has cancer and she
wanted to understand cancer so she could help her mom's friend.

Leena chose this topic because her grandma had cancer and she wanted to learn more about cancer.
Why We Chose This Topic
Lines of Inquiry:
Cancer and its causes.
What the treatments are.
What can be done to prevent getting cancer.

Key Concepts:
Function, Change, and Responsibility
Our Steps to Exhibition
We chose our topic
We met our group
We created our lines of inquiry
We took notes on cancer
We created our action project
We made this prezi
We wrote our lines
We rehearsed our lines
We got ready, and performed for you
Here Is What We Learned
What you can do to prevent Cancer
The cancer of bone-marrow and blood-forming tissues.
The history of childhood leukemia
Chronic and Acute Leukemia
Chronic Leukemia and Acute Leukemia.
What they are and the differences.

What the treatments are
Our Action Project
Being a Donor for Leukemia
We donated:
Breakfast Bars
pop tarts
toilet paper
Thanks To
Mrs. Hitzka
Dr. Zakaria
Ms. Wheeler
Mrs. Griebe
Mrs. Goldman
Mr. Keith
PYP Theme: How We Express Ourselves

Central Idea: Responsible citizens take action to make the world a better place.

targeted therapy
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