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NFL Combine

No description

Jake Rehak Rehak

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of NFL Combine

NFL COMBINE The NFL Combine occurs every year several weeks before
the NFL Draft. They hold this event to see how the players
can work together and perform under different pressure.
It is also to see if they would do better in another posotion than they played in collage. For example Hines Ward played Quarter Back in collage for GA but the Steelers decided to put him at Wide Out and he is one of the best in the country. This years combine was held in Indianapolis home of the Colts. In the Combine players where a shirt with theire given number and position on it. In the Combine weighted tackling dummies are used to see the strengths and weaknesses of defensive players. They are also used in speed drills and technique drills such as the rip move or the swim move. This drill is called the Vertical jump it measures a players ability to jump in a quick burst without a running start. [unfortunatlly this drill record was just broken by FLA QB Time Tebow with a jump of 38.5 inches thats 3 feet 2.5 inches off the ground] The Combine also consists of various weight lifting activities. Players are tested to see how fast a player can run usually a distance of 40 yrds.
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