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Earthquake Case Study- L'Aquila, Italy

No description

Jazmine Jackson

on 4 June 2013

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Transcript of Earthquake Case Study- L'Aquila, Italy

Secondary Effects > Aftershocks of the earthquake hampered with rescue efforts and more damage was done

> Thousands of people were made homeless

> Fires in collapsed buildings caused more damage

> The broken water pipe near the town of Paganica Primary Effects > 290 Deaths --> collapsed building

>Hundreds of people injured

> Thousands of buildings damaged or destroyed

> Water pipe was broken due to a collapsed bridge Preparation >Laws were in place to create earthquake proof building but many people didn't have it enforced

>There is a civil protection department that trains volunteers to help in emergency rescue operations Immediate Response Camps for homeless were set up with water, food and medical care

Ambulance, Firemen and the army were sent to rescue survivors

Cranes and diggers removed rubble

Money provided by government to pay rent, and gas and electricity bills were suspended Long Term Responses The italian prime minister promised to build a new town to replace L'Aquila as the capital of the area

Investigations as to why modern buildings weren't earthquake proof KEY FACTS L'aquila, Italy
6th April 2009
6.3 Richter Scale
Cost of Damage: £15 billion L'aquila, Italy
6th April 2009
6.3 Richter Scale
Cost of Damage: £15 billion Earthquake Case Study - Rich Country
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