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LBS Prezi

Hope everyone thinks its awesome :)

Ysmael Lu

on 18 March 2013

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Transcript of LBS Prezi

Located at 304 South Broadway and 3rd Street in Downtown LA Exterior In contrast, the exterior of the building is very traditional looking. The exterior design of the Bradbury Building is a unique urban style with five stories high. The building is featured to be mix sandstone, Terra Cora panels, and dressed brick masonry. The structure consists of string course with grouping design rectangles by being decorative under the eves. On the first 4 stories it has double hung windows but on the fifth floor the windows have a structural arch. This building does not really have such significance when you observe it from the outside in other words it does not look as interesting as it is in the inside. It was and is still today used as an office building. A unique, wholly satisfying, completely different office building, it is now for those who want beautiful sight, along with convenience, in their day-to-day business setting. Today the building serves as headquarters for the Los Angeles Police Department's Internal Affairs division and other government agencies. Several of the offices are rented out to private concerns, including Red Line Tours. Tourism and Open Hours George Wyman Wyman refused the offer at first. As a Spiritualist, he and his wife decided to consult the spirits as guidance. Lewis Bradbury Ill and aging, Bradbury felt that this would be his last building. He died a few months before its opening in 1893. It was the monument Lewis Bradbury wanted, but he never saw it completed. Lewis Bradbury was a mining millionaire and turned to a real estate developer in the latter part of his life. In 1892, he decided to construct a five-story building at 3rd and Broadway, just a few blocks from his home on Bunker Hill. Movies The original building estimate was $175,000. By the time it was completed, Bradbury had put about $500,000 into it - a fantastic sum for the era. Architecture Tourism and Location The Artists Behind the Making Popular Culture Television Shows Novels Comics An Eclectic Victorian Pre-Modern design, it is one of Southern California's most remarkable architectural achievements/landmarks built in 1893. Bradbury Building Before and After The Bradbury Building is the oldest commercial building remaining in the central city and one of Los Angeles’ unique treasures. He wanted it to be a monument to himself, a unique entity that would ensure the perpetuation of his name. He first hired a local architect, Sumner Hunt, to complete the design of the building. Later on, Bradbury dismissed Hunt's plans as it was inadequate to his grandeur vision. Bradbury took a surprising step of asking the young Wyman to design the building despite that he had no formal qualifications as an architect and hadn't designed a building before. The reason why Bradbury did this was not clear. It is possible that while visiting Hunt's office, he met Wyman and was inspired by some of his sketches. When he left school, he was apprenticed in the architects office of his uncle. In 1891, he moved to Los Angeles to work as a draughtsman in the office of Sumner Hunt. Wyman then agreed to do design the building after consulting his dead brother using a planchette similar to the Ouija board whom told him that it would make him famous. Wyman's influence in the construction of the Bradbury Building was from Edward Bellamy's book "Looking Backward" (published in 1887) which described a Utopian society in the year 2000. In the book, the average commercial building was described as a "vast hall full of light, received not alone from the windows on all sides, but from the dome, the point of which was a hundred feet above ... The walls were frescoed in mellow tints, to soften without absorbing the light which flooded the interior." Blade Runner (1982) Murder in the First (1995) Wolf (1994) 500 Days of Summer (2009) The Artist (2011) Lethal Weapon 4(1998) The Indestructible Man (1956) Marlowe (1969) Murphy's Law (1986) Chinatown (1974) Pay It Forward (2000) Pushing Daisies (2007-2009) Mission: Impossible (1966-1973) Quantum Leap (1989-1993) Banyon(1972-1973) 77 Sunset Strip (1963-1964) Gravity’s Rainbow by Thomas Pynchon Star Trek: The Case of the Colonists’ Corpse: A Sam Cogley Mystery The World Of Tiers by Philip Jose Farmer The Man With The Golden Torc by Simon R. Green Mister X: Condemned The Order (Marvel Comics) The Human Target Plaque Elevator Mailbox The interior design of the Bradbury Building is an un-expecting experience while observing it. The features of the inside building is magnificent because you can capture every detail like “ornamental cast iron, rare marble, glass brick, polish wood, and imported tile rising majestically to a towering skylight.” The towering skylight is one of the main features because it opens up the building with a vibrant natural light. As the day progresses the lighting in the court changes, causing unique shifting shadows and shapes. The tile floors brought in from Mexico and marble staircase from Belgium complete the design of this extremely unique and detailed interior. There’s a mailbox inside that it is not use quite often. But it was made in Rochester which features an eagle. The elevators are an open cage style completely exposed by the large main skylight. Items Used: Sheet metal of cardboard metal gold spray can Sticker letters Deco paint pen Making the plaque was a very difficult task. I wanted to make the plaque look realistic so I used cardboard metal. By using cardboard metal I was able to spray paint it gold and add stickers that represented letters. It took me a whole week to find the perfect metal. It took me two days to complete my task. It was a difficult task, but it was worth my time. I was proud of the outcome and also got complements from people at the Bradbury building and Grand Central Market. “Drilling” the plaque onto the building was very exciting. Many police officers stared at me when I took out the drill gun out of my backpack. We even got questioned by a district officer. We explained to him about how we were acting out as guerilla artists. It was a fun and new experience and glad that we chose the Bradbury Building for our project. Building the Plaque Guerilla Artists In the beginning of the building, there is a plaque were it welcomes the visitors. It is a brief guide of how visitors should be when they go inside. Directions and awareness are given, of what to expect. Visitors are only allowed to go up to the first stair landing and there are usually security watch. The noise level should be kept at a minimum level because they don’t want the visitors disturbing the tenants in the office building. Pictures are allowed to be taken. It also gives you information about walking tours of landmarks in Los Angeles. If you want to be a participant for a tour, the only day they would have that would be on Saturday mornings but you would have to call in for a request to the” Pershing Square Tour”. Then at the bottom of the plaque it has the Bradbury Buildings office hours for tourist and visitors. Mainly it is open 7 days a week but weekends are just cut off to an hour less. Around the Bradbury Building there is a sprint cellphone store located at the bottom of the building and a subway as well. There are also other market and restaurant places that you see around the Bradbury Building such as; the “Grand Central Market” which is well-known place that people go and eat. Many ethnicities crash there because the market has different types of restaurants, people can enjoy. Then, next to it is a "Million Dollar Theater" across the street from the Bradbury building which opens for tourist on Saturdays only. Pollo Loco, Carl’s Jr. and Sbarro are also around the building which is impacted by people. Designated a National Historic Landmark in 1977 In the early 1980's it was purchased by Ira Yellin. In the 1990's it was remodeled as part of the Yellin Company's Grand Central Square project since it was deteriorating. Interior Location When we arrived to the exterior of the Bradbury Building it looked very simple and traditional, it looked like a brick wall building, giving the feeling of abandon. We saw that there was a Sprint cellphone store and a Subway located inside the building. Before entering there was a pole on the outside with information about the Bradbury building. There was a plaque declaring it a historical landmark in Los Angeles. The day was beautiful, even though it was foggy. When we entered we were welcomed by security guard that had handouts and brochures with additional information for tourists. We felt very welcomed; the security guard was very friendly. If we had any addition questions about the building, they were able to answer any questions we had. Once inside one feels what a time traveler would experience because it felt like we were in a different era. Unfortunately you can't get past the first floor of the lobby unless you have real business in one of the LAPD offices. We took pictures around the building and we observed the architecture of the building. We didn’t expect to see such great architecture it amazed us, we saw the marbled floor and it was incredibly beautiful, the building itself showed the glamorous era back in the days in Los Angeles. The best part of touring inside the building was that we were able to go up the elevator. The security guard offered to give us all a ride up to the 5th floor but hurried us to take pictures quickly so that she wouldn’t get in troubled with her boss. When we were up the view down to the first floor was amazing but it was hot up there. The heat coming in the building was because of the sun. Many tourists that visit the building don’t get a chance to ride the elevator. So we were lucky! After thanking her we continued taking pictures of the inside and went on to take pictures of our plaque outside the building. Conveniently there are many restaurants as well as the Grand Central Market place (which is where we ate after) and the Million Dollar Theatre across the street from it. This building is a beautiful historical landmark that would be great for tourists to visit Prezi Editors: Ysmael Lu & Cynthia Chavez Researchers: Yarely Pineda, Danitza Maravilla, Ysmael Lu, and Cynthia Chavez Plaque Designer: Steve Campos Photography: Jackie Pinto Facebook Page Editor: Maricela Flores
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