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Decolonization of Morocco

Ellie Ebanks and Allison Cline's presentation for the decolonalization of Morocco

Ellie Cline

on 28 September 2012

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Transcript of Decolonization of Morocco

Pre-Colonization: Before Morocco was colonized by France, they had already been colonized by many different countries from 789 A.D. to when they gained independence in 1956 from France. In between this time, Morocco had gained it's independence, but it never lasted long. Also through this time, Morocco gained more and more European influence. Post-Colonization After Morocco was released from French rule, the original monarchy was put back on the throne. After countless years of negotiation with former European imperialist Morocco eventually regained all of it's land and citizens. France initially wanted Morocco because the nation's boundaries provided a location of strategic importance affecting the exit from the Mediterranean. When the French went to Morocco, they took over the school systems and taught french history, art, and culture. When this happened, they completely discarded the Moroccan language and customs. The French also provided churches so that they could convert Moroccans to Christianity. Political After the French and Spanish colonized Morocco, they put Morocco under a different leader. This made the citizens very unhappy, and caused a spark in the opposition of the French and Spanish protectorates. Because of the new educational system, the new generation became more intelligent, which allowed the citizens to be able to fight for their independence. Economical The country had benefited from being under french control for 5 decades because they helped build infrastructure (ports, irrigation, roads and railroads). Also, by being under the European influence for so long, they were able to understand the basics of European trade, and were able to build relationships for trade with the EU and USA. Social Just like Morocco was able to use the colonization for their benefit economically, they were also able to use it for their benefit socially by forming an alliance with the USA Under the French protectorate, Moroccan natives were denied their basic human rights such as freedom of speech, the right of gathering and travel in their own country. After France allowed the Moroccans to have their old King, Mohammed VI, the King again, the negotiations that led to Moroccan independence began the following year. Only a month after King Mohammed VI sent the negotiations to France for Moroccan independence, they accepted the negotiation. Pre-Colonization: moroccan Decolonization What you need to know... A decolonized state... Due to the fact that
Morocco had a Royal
family and an organized
government before colonization, the original government took power again after the french retreated creating peace again within Morocco. Previous Throne Reinstated The country had gained an abundance of western european influence from the time of colonization, and in most cases it was welcomed among the people of Morocco. The economic boom created in Africa after WWII helped to create a prospective economy for the country's new era. Modern Day Morocco Morocco is a constitutional monarchy with an elected parliament. The King of Morocco holds vast executive and legislative powers, including the power to dissolve the parliament.Today, the Moroccan economy is generally diverse but very fragile. About 40% of Moroccans cannot read or write, and the country has high levels of extreme poverty and health care deprivation. Morocco also has a high level of economic inequality. The unemployment rates under the highly educated as well as the unskilled are very high and cause consistent social unrest in many cities and villages.Most Moroccans today speak French, Moroccan Arabic, or Berber. Allison cline & Ellie Ebanks Morocco was colonized in 1912 by France by the Treaty of Fez that made Morocco a protectorate of France and Spain. Morocco gained independence on November 18, 1956 by King Mohammad V. After Morocco was released from French rule, the original monarchy was put back on the throne. After countless years of negotiation with former European imperialist Morocco eventually regained all of it's land and citizens. Post-Colonization
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