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Paige Gandy

on 6 December 2013

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Transcript of Emblem3

Table of Contents
By Katie Strych, Amanda Pena, and Paige Gandy
* Wesley Stromberg
* Keaton Stromberg
* Drew Chadwick
* X-Factor
* Albums and Hits
* Tours
* #TeamInspire
* Fun Facts
* Beginnings
* Emblem3 is a band of 2 brothers and their best friend formed in 2007, in their hometown Sequim, Washington.
* Later on, they moved to Huntington Beach, California to pursue the dreams/career.
* The band members names are Drew Chadwick (21), Wesley Stromberg (19), and Keaton Stromberg (17).
* In the 2nd season of X-Factor USA, the boys auditioned.
Wesley Stromberg
* Wesley Trent Stromberg was born on
December 6th, 1993 in Sequim, Washington.
* Wesley is usually the most recognized out of the group because he sings the chorus of most of their songs.
* Wesley was introduced to the guitar at ages 6 and was writing his own music by age 11.
* Wesley's all time favorite band
is Sublime.
In this prezi, we will be telling you about Emblem3 and their career. We will teach you about each individual member of the group, and the start to their stardom.
By Katie Strych
By Paige Gandy
Keaton Stromberg
By Katie Strych
* Keaton Robert Stromberg, 17, younger brother of Wesley Stromberg, was born on July 16th, 1996.
* Keaton learned to play the piano at age six.
* Keaton had quit the band, but joined the boys again a short time before the boys went and auditioned for X-Factor.
* Keaton has a pet cat named Zuni.
Drew Chadwick
* Drew Michael Chadwick was born on October 1st, 1992 in Sequim, Washington.
* He grew up in the small city of Port Angeles, Washington. His parents divorced when he was a toddler.
*Drew started writing songs with the Stromberg brothers in 2007.
* Being the oldest member of Emblem3, Drew is currently 21.
*Drew does some of the lead vocals (sometimes even rapping) and plays guitar.
By Amanda Pena
* Emblem3 auditioned for the X-Factor in 2012, the second season of the X-Factor USA.
* The song they performed for their audition was their original song "Sunset Boulevard".
* Throughout the show Simon Cowell was their mentor.
* The boys did well in the competition, and finished in 4th place.
* Even though the boys didn't win, Simon had so much faith in these boys that he signed them to his record label.
By Amanda Pena
Albums and Hits
* Emblem3's first official single with their record labels was called "Chloe (You're the One I Want)".
* Before the boys were signed to Syco Music
and Columbia Records they released original singles on YouTube. These singles didn't get much attention until they were on X-Factor.
* In July 2013, Emblem3 released their first album called "Nothing to Lose" including 11 tracks with 4 extra tracks on the
deluxe version.
By Paige Gandy
*Emblem3's tours so far are:
- West Coast Tour (2013)
- E3 Goes East (2013)
- Goin' Back to Cali (2013)
- Emblem3 Summer Tour (2013)
- Selena Gomez Stars Dance (Opening Act) (2013)
By Amanda Pena
* Team Inspire Project is a global movement
created by Emblem3 dedicated to bringing a sense
of self-worth, compassion, and humility to young
people through the power of inspiration.
* Team Inspire takeovers utilize social media by connecting like-minded peers to take action at a local
level by creating service learning projects which teach
the importance of giving back.
* The boys of Emblem3 founded Team Inspire while
competing on the X-Factor, Wesley and Keaton's older
sister Brezzie (Brianna Claire) is the CEO and director
of the organization.
* Team Inspire takeovers are run by fans all over the world and Emblem3 and their friends and family frequently hold Team Inspire Workshops in California.
By Katie Strych
Fun Facts!
* The boys have a pet dog name Sampson that was sent to them from a fan in Brazil.
* Drew Chadwick wrote a children's book called Seeds of Change which is currently online.
* The boys are good friends with the rapper Jake Miller
occasionally playing at the same shows.
By Paige Gandy
* If the boys aren't on tour you'll find them in Cali either skateboarding or surfing.
* Before the Emblem3 was on an X-Factor there
were two other members of the band:
-Kenny Galbraith (drums)
- Kyle Miner (saxophone)
X-Factor here we come !
The End!
* In the summer of 2014 Emblem3 will be
holding a world tour called
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