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Sun Safety

No description

Holly Bingham

on 24 July 2015

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Transcript of Sun Safety

Sun Safety
Holly Bingham, ATC, MBA
Salvéo Education Director

Define heat-related illness & distinguish between various conditions
Identify tips for exercising safely in heat & humidity
Understand UV radiation & how to protect yourself from the sun’s damaging rays
Heat Related Illness
Any medical condition that occurs as a result from heat exposure
Heat Cramps
Heat Syncope (fainting)
Heat Stroke
Heat Rash
Heat exhaustion
618 Deaths Annually in US
How does the body react to heat and humidity?
If the environmental temperature is higher than the internal body temperature, heat transfers internally
Sweat glands allow water to evaporate which dissipates heat
Heat loss through evaporation is impaired when relative humidity reaches 65% and stops at 75%
If internal body temperature is not properly maintained, the heart, lungs and nervous system are stressed and may result in illness ranging from minor to fatal.
Heat Index
Recommended Websites & Apps
Ambient Temperature
Heat Index
Relative Humidity
When the heat index is 90 or above
Limit your time outdoors
Limit strenuous outdoor activity
Stay hydrated (7-10 OZ every 10-20 minutes or 10 gulps every 20 minutes!)
*Thirst is NOT a good indicator for hydration needs. By the time your body initiates the feeling of thirst, you are already dehydrated!
Who’s at risk?
Young & Elderly
Acute illnesses
Certain conditions and medications
Excessive muscle mass, large or obese
Poorly acclimatized or conditioned
*Healthy individuals who are dehydrated
Recognizing Conditions
Potentially Serious
Heat Cramps
Heat Rash
Heat Syncope
Heat Exhaustion
Heat Stroke
*Listen to your body, stay hydrated, get plenty of rest, and don't over do it!
Hot Weather Exercise Tips
Acclimate Your Body
10-14 Days
Progressively increase intensity & duration
Initial sessions 15-20 minutes max
Train under similar conditions as your event
Be consistent
20 oz water or sports drink 2-3 hours before exercise
7-10 oz every 10-20 minutes
Water & sports drink if over an hour
Rehydrate with water, carbohydrates & electrolytes
Body-weight change
24 oz for every pound lost
Monitor urine color
The lemonade test
light colored
loose fitting
Plan Ahead & Use Common Sense
Avoid exercising during mid-day
Take it slow
Know what you will do in case of an emergency
Sun Protection
What is your Sun Safety IQ?
1. My skin is naturally dark so I don't
need to wear sunscreen.
2. If I'm wearing sunscreen, I can stay
in the sun as long as I want.
3. A sunscreen Labeled SPF 30
blocks twice as much UV radiation
as one labeled SPF 15.
4. How often do you need to reapply
water-resistant sunscreen?
5. Getting a "base tan" at an indoor tanning
salon is a good way to prevent sunburn
when I go to the beach later this
Ultraviolet Radiation
UV Index
Four Factors
Ozone layer
Cloud cover
Time of year
Sunscreen Application Tips
Broaden your spectrum- UVB and UVA protection

Here comes the sun- Apply 15-30 minutes before exposure

Reapply yourself- Every 2 hours or as needed
Slip, Slop, Slap, Wrap
Slop... on sunscreen
Slip... on a shirt
Broad Spectrum SPF 30+
Slap... on a hat
Wide brimmed
Wrap... on sunglasses
look for the SPF tag or sticker
Thank You
Email me: holly@salveo.net
Questions or comments?
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for health and wellness tips.
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