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Scholarly Project in Nurse Anesthesia

No description

Kelli Pryor

on 1 May 2015

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Transcript of Scholarly Project in Nurse Anesthesia

Scholarly Project in Nurse Anesthesia
Economic Considerations
Step I: Problem Recognition
Identified need
Problem statement
Review of literature
Final Step
Step IX: Dissemination and Utilization of Results
Written dissemination
Executive summary - 10% of main report
Peer-reviewed publications
Other publications
Oral dissemination
Electronic dissemination
Step II: Needs Assessment
Population identification
Identify project sponsor and stakeholders
Organizational assessment (SWOT)
Assess available resources
Estimate desired outcomes
Team formation
Cost/benefit analysis
Define the scope of the problem
Cost-Benefit Analysis
Effective tool to sell your project
Shows that benefit is worth cost
Must first consider available resources:
Financial support, personnel, materials for the project, marketing, statistical analysis support, office space, communication costs, consulting costs, grant writing support, travel expenses, survey costs
May be hard to measure benefits over time
Step V: Work Planning
Step III: Goals, Objectives, and Mission Statement Development
Step IV: Theoretical Basis of the Project
"Goals are where you want to be; objectives are how you get there" (p. 436)
Objectives should be SMART - specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely
Project proposal
Includes cost-benefit analysis
Project management
Planning of work
Calculating direct and indirect costs
Budget templates
Step VI: Planning for Evaluation
Step VII: Implementation
Step VIII: Give Meaning to the Data
Budget Mistakes
Labor costs
Cost of equipment
Cost of business space
Cost of external consultants and supplies
Travel costs
Costs for materials
Zaccagnini, M.E. & White, K.W. (2014).
The doctor of nursing practice essentials
, 2nd ed. Jones and Bartlett Learning: Burlington, MA.
Development of evaluation methods

Monitor implementation phase
Close out project
Account for budget and any changes
May involve statistician
Select a theory to conceptualize the process
Can be from nursing or other field of study
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