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Layers of the Earth

No description

Quynh Anh Nguyen

on 17 April 2014

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Transcript of Layers of the Earth

How to build an
Earth model
Layers of the Earth
Identify the structural layers of the Earth
Describe characteristics of each layer
Construct a model to illustrate layers of the Earth
Our Planet
How do geologist learn about the Earth?
Your model
Label name of each layers of the Earth
Describe the topic including state of matter, temperature, composition and density, distance
What do you know about each layers?
Discuss with your group to design the model
How did you build your model ?
5' quiz
Do you know any objects in our daily life that represents the Earth?
What are the limitation of the model?
Search for more information in Interior
of the Earth Foldable
Pressure increases toward the inner core
What is convection currents?
why is the state of matter of inner core different from outercore?
How does an earthquake happen? theory
what cause natural disasters by structure of the Earth?
Atom model
Cycle of water
What are the advantages of model?
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