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General Body Meeting Presentation Template

No description

HOSA President

on 15 September 2017

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Transcript of General Body Meeting Presentation Template

Welcome to UT HOSA's First General Body Meeting!!
About HOSA
Your Officer Team
Closing Remarks
President: Nishan Gajjar
Vice President: Priya Sharma
Senior Advisor: Milan Prema
Public Relations: Sohni Pathan
Social Coordinator: Alina Jafferbhoy
Monica Do
Moatasem Azzam
Shadowing Director: Darshil Choksi
Competitions Director: Shameela Ali
Treasurer: Mahin Dewan
Next meeting (September 15th): our first speaker!
Chair applications
Not getting emails? Email txhosa.president@gmail.com
Member Requirements
Public Relations Slide
Social Coordinator Slide
September Volunteering
Shadowing Director Slide
Professional development organization
Feedback for speakers, volunteering events, shadowing opportunities, socials
What is TX HOSA?
Major: Psychology

Classification: Senior

Career Aspirations: Pediatrician

Favorite HOSA memory: Playing extreme spoons at the State Leadership Conference in Dallas
Major: Biology

Classification: Senior

Career Aspirations: Pediatrician

Favorite HOSA memory: Going to Disney World for HOSA Nationals
Major: Biochemistry with a Psych Minor
Classification: Junior
Career Aspirations: OB/GYN or Cardiology
Favorite HOSA memory: Competing for the first time in my freshman year
Major: Neuroscience
Classification: Sophomore
Career Aspirations: Neurosurgeon
Favorite HOSA memory: This meeting with you!
Major: Biology
Classification: Junior
Career Aspirations: Pediatrician or OB/GYN
Favorite HOSA memory:
Major: Biomedical Engineering
Classification: Senior
Career Aspirations: Orthopedic Surgeon
Favorite HOSA memory: Kayaking at Lady Bird
Major: Human Development and Family Sciences
Classification: Sophomore
Career Aspirations: Family Practitioner
Favorite HOSA memory: Making snow for the Fall Banquet
Chipotle Profit Share
Tuesday (9/27) from 5-9 PM
Make sure HOSA gets a portion by:
Showing the flyer on your phone
Saying you're with HOSA
You will receive 1 point for supporting!
Competitions this year
State: San Antonio
Why compete?
Connect, Experiences, Resume
Collegiate is easier than Secondary!!
National Affiliation - $25 (due by 3rd meeting with dues)
Competition Experiences (http://bit.do/txhosa_experiences)
Signing up for Competitions (http://bit.do/txhosa_compsignup)
Links are posted on the Competitions page on the website
Socials are a great way to make new friends and have A LOT of FUN!
This year we will be having Families!
Aim: Have a close-knit group of people as a support system
Families will stay the same all year
Officers will serve as mentors!
HYPED FOR HOSA (First social): Next Thursday, September 8th at 6 pm!
Location: GRE Poolside Cafe
There will be games, dancing, and RAFFLE PRIZES! Make sure you don't miss it!
Major: Psychology with a Biology Minor
Classification: Junior
Career Aspirations: Pediatrician or Pediatric Oncologist
Favorite HOSA memory: Volunteering for an Easter Egg Hunt
For Volunteer events:
-2 volunteer hours for not showing up or canceling within 24 hours.
-1 volunteer hour for canceling more than 24 hours.

For Fundraising events:
-3 volunteer hours for canceling after confirming that you will be attending.
+1 volunteer hour for being a backup.
* Please email me if you have any conflict with meetings*
Major: Neuroscience/Pre-Med
Classification: Junior
Career Aspirations: Neurology or Sports Medicine
Favorite HOSA memory: Cheering for UT HOSA during Awards Ceremonies at Competition
Football Ushering
Watch the games for FREE!
Great way to get your Fundraisers out of the way
Next Opportunity:
UT vs UTEP (9/10)
Major: Biochemistry

Classification: Senior

Career Aspirations: Anesthesiologist or Cardiologist

Favorite HOSA memory: Taking over the Hotel Club Lounge during State Competitions
Volunteering at wipeout run
and going on the rides in
our downtime!
5th: Tri-Rock Austin Triathlon (7-11:30a) // 7-15 people

9th: Zilker Relays (4-8p) // No limit!

17th: Urban Roots (9a-12p) // 5 people
Why Shadow?

Great experience to talk about during interviews
Make connections
Figure out your interests
Upcoming Opportunities
ATX Orthopedics
Central Park Pediatric Dentistry
Austin Epilepsy Care Center
Speakers at Meetings
HOSA Speaker events and HOSA Week
Post-Meeting Speaker Feedback
Events such as Explore UT
Club Outreach
Partnerships with other organizations
Full transcript