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No description

sinead goodwin

on 11 October 2018

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Transcript of Sound

Asynchronous Sound
Sound effects not matched with a visible source of the sound on screen
Parallel Sound
Sound we hear goes hand in
hand with the image on screen
Sound bridge
When the scene begins with the carry-over sound from the previous scene before the new sound begins.
Sound dissolve

A transition in which a sound begins to fade
out as the next sound fades in and overlaps
the first sound.
Ambient sound
Sound atmosphere of a place
people tend not to notice.
For example in a wood the trees.
Contrapuntal Sound
Music opposite to the emotion
expected from the narrative.
What would you expect to hear in a violent scene?
Hyper -real

Many sound recordings for film and TV are over stated, over-hyped and exaggerated compares to sound in real life.
Empathetic Fidelity
Use of sound to convey feelings or effects associated with situation on screen.
Now let us try and apply these terms to the short film 'About a Girl'.

Aim- Recap sound knowledge
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