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Flowers For ALGERNON

No description

Erika Tam

on 28 September 2016

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Transcript of Flowers For ALGERNON

Katherine Canero
Erika Tam
Albert Tran
English 8HP / Period 1
8 October 2014

"Paintings were crowded to the ceiling and others were stacked against each other on the floor. Several of them were self portraits, including two nudes." (175)
Interpersonal Intelligence
Alice Kinnian, in our opinion, has extremely noticeable interpersonal intelligence. Alice tends to work well with others and is very open with her opinions and thoughts about life. Alice seems to take pleasure in having conversations. She is never afraid to share her input on anything- no matter what the topic. Her social etiquette is well put together. The way Alice structures her speech allows us to see that she want her words to be direct, but not hurtful to others. Not only is she able to express herself, but she allows others to express themselves as well. Although Alice has a lot to say, she is able to sit in silence and just listen to others' problems as well. Alice seems to be very comfortable in both giving advice to others and taking advice from others. Alice's interpersonal intelligence can be seen through her ability to easily communicate with others.
“ ‘There was something about you that made us respect you-yes, even as you were. You had something I had never seen in a retarded person before.'
‘You had a smile…’
‘An empty stupid smile. And they played tricks on me, and laughed at me.’
‘Yes, but even though you didn’t understand why they were laughing, you sensed that if they could laugh at you they would like you. And you wanted them to like you. You acted like a child and you even laughed at yourself along with them.’ ” (299)
Linguistic Intelligence
" 'Charlie, you have got to stop thinking that everyone is laughing at you. Nemur couldn't discuss those articles because he hasn't read them.'
'Not Hindi or Japanese? Oh come on now.'
'Charlie, not everyone has your gift of languages.' " (149)
In our opinion, we also believe that Charlie has linguistic intelligence. Charlie seems to love to scour for information in books to gain knowledge. Charlie's adoration for literacy and knowledge is very admirable. Due to all of his studying, Charlie was able to speak and understand multiple languages such as Japanese, German, Hindi, Russian, and many more. Even when Charlie was in the early stages of the experiment, he had shown his intelligence in linguistics when he was able to understand the rules of grammar and punctuation rather quickly when he had just learned them. Throughout the book, we can see that Charlie is very detail-oriented because he is able to record all the events that had occurred to him and his reactions towards those events. Charlie's ability to quickly grasp literature and languages shows that linguistic intelligence is one of Charlie's most prominent intelligences.
We can infer from the text that one of Fay's most dominant intelligences is her spatial intelligence. Fay's life revolves around the space around her. She focuses mainly on her paintings and dancing. These activities require a lot of concentration in space. Although she doesn't seem organized to most of us, Fay seems to be very efficient with her space. Fay know a lot about the area around her and how to use it to her advantage. Although we may consider her home "messy", Fay is still able to find everything she needs within her home rather quickly and almost effortlessly. Fay's ability to be aware of the space she is in and use her knowledge to her advantage is something we consider of spatial intelligence.
We believe that Charlie has intrapersonal intelligence because he was very self-aware. Before he had the operation, Charlie was very content with who he was as a person- he didn't care what people really thought of him. His only concern was if people enjoyed being around him. Once he actually had the operation, he had gained enough knowledge to observe his surroundings and became self-aware of his position as a person. The rapid realization led to Charlie's insecurity and his suspicion about life. Charlie was able to analyze himself with his knowledge. He had learned that he needed to be surrounded by people he loved and trusted, but he also needed time for himself so that he could evaluate how he could help society. From the very beginning of the book to the very end, Charlie's main mission was to find out who he was as a person.
" '... The foolish things was trying to solve the problem by myself. But the deeper I get tangled up in this mass of dreams and memories the more I realize that emotional problems can't be solve as intellectual problems are. That's what I discovered about myself last night. I told myself I was wandering like a lost soul, and then I saw that I
lost...' " (202)
Flowers For ALGERNON:
multiple intelligences
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