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IVBI Voter Registration Made Easy

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Siddharth Gokhale

on 23 November 2013

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Transcript of IVBI Voter Registration Made Easy

The Voting process made Easy
Chief Electoral Officer of the State
District Electoral Officer
Deputy District Election officer
Electoral Registration Officers
Booth level Officers
Electoral Registration Officers
Process Of Manual Voter Registration
If you have changed your address and you have been staying on that address for more than 6 months, you need to make a new voter ID card (if you had it previously).
If you are staying on rent an additional document is required to be submitted along with the address proof – this document is the NOC letter by your house owner along with your house agreement papers
If you are married and your surname has changed you need to provide ration card. Or marriage certificate . Proof used to show that you are married.
If any cancellations happen on the Voter ID form, the applicant’s signature will be required next to the cancellation.
If you are staying in a hostel you need to submit your ‘Student Declaration form’ signed by your dean/principal/registrar.
If you are submitting applications in bulk (more than 10) you will need a secretary letter head if the applications are from the society and the principal letter head if the applications are from the colleges.
• After putting these forms together, you will need to attest these forms by a notary.
• Submit your form to your constituency ERO office. Don’t forget to collect your Receipt! You can track the status of your form through your receipt number!
If you are submitting the form because you want some changes in your previous Voter ID ( Form 8), you will need to submit all the documents that claim those changes
eg: if there is a change in name, you will need to provide the document that proves your correct name
For inclusion of names
For any objection on inclusion of names
Correction of entries in the Electoral Rolls
Change of address within the same constituency
Any Document with Address on it. eg: Electricity/Telephone bill, driving license, passport etc
Any document with your photo on it. eg: passport, driving license, PAN card etc
(This is only for the age group of 18 to 21) eg: school leaving certificate, birth certificate etc.
You're an Indian citizen.
You're 18 years of age or older.
You've been an ordinary resident,

You're not Registered elsewhere.
Proof of Residence
Proof of identity
Proof of Birth
which means that you've been staying at your current address for at least 6 months (not 5 years, another myth!).
How people can be registered for voting

Your first step is to figure out which process is more effective in your district. This you can understand by meeting the DyDEO

College & Neighborhood leader
If you are a college/neighborhood leader, submit all your collected forms to the Constituency leader
Constituency Leader
All the forms that have been submitted to you, their data needs to be collaborated. This is a very crucial step!
This data needs to filled in an excel sheet given to you by the Constituency Managers
Backend office
Submit this data excel sheet to the backend office. Your data will be verified. You will get an email that says data verified.
ERO office
Submit these forms to the respective ERO office. FYI, Each assembly constituency has its own ERO office and people staying in a particular constituency can submit forms only their constituency ERO office.
Collect Reciepts after form submittion at ERO Office.
Ans: Yes. This is possible in 2 cases:
a) You can submit bulk forms of people in the same college or
b) You can submit bulk forms of people in the same society

An additional document will be required in this case, the principal letterhead for colleges and/or the secretary letterhead for the societies

Bulk forms can also be submitted of people from the same company but this requires the permission of the ERO. Only if the ERO permits for the particular company can the bulk forms be submitted.
Q.1) As a constituency leader, I will be submitting bulk forms to the ERO. Is this possible?
Ans: The student can submit a student declaration form staying his hostel and college name signed by the principal/dean/registrar.
Q.3) What if someone is a college student staying in a hostel? How will he give a proof of residence?
Ans: Eligiblity are
1. A person has to be a citizen of India by birth.

2. A person has to be 18 yrs of age before 1st January 2014.

3. A person has to be living in his area of residence for atleast 6 months.
Q.4) What is the eligibility for voting in the 2014 Lok sabha elections?
Ans: The person has to attach the NOC letter from the landowner with his/her rent agreement.
Q.6) If someone is staying on rent, how do I get her proof of residence?
Ans: For any change in constituency (inter-state or intra-state), you will need to fill 2 forms. Form 7 (with the old address) to delete his/her name from the old constituency and Form 6(with new address) to register as a new registration in the new constituency. Both the forms need to be submitted to the ERO of the new constituency. OR the person can go back to his/her old address to vote.
Q.8) If someone has shifted eg. from Delhi to Gujarat and is registered in Delhi, what forms does he/she needs to fill?
Online process
In Online registration procedure, the forms are filled online. The process of registering people online is different for different states. This procedure is dependent on the DyDeo and needs to be understood in detail from your respective DyDeo.

The common part for all the states that has the provision of online process is that forms are filled online (not manually) and submitted. The procedure followed after filling of forms is different.

As an example, after filling up a form, you may be either be required to upload all your necessary documents online or a Booth Level Officer (BLO) may visit your house to verify your documents. This process needs to be clarified by the DyDeo. You may consider visiting the website of Andhra Pradesh to get a glimpse of how the online process works there - www.ceoandhra.nic.in
A Passport size photo
Ans: It is strongly recommended to do so because the election Department ,may process your application much faster. But it only works if address of the other person is same.
Q.2) I have been hearing that while submitting the application one must also attach photocopy of Voter ID card of parents/siblings. How does that help?
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