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Contact lenses

ENg presentation

nouf alkaabi

on 8 January 2013

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Transcript of Contact lenses

- Tourism
Virtual view of the place in past and present.
- Sporting events
1- Label players.
2- Track balls/pucks.
3- Mark distances. High-tech contact lenses Applications of
high tech contact lenses
in health High-tech contact lenses Military (cc) photo by jimmyharris on Flickr High-tech lenses
for improving optics Fatma Alsumaiti Hessa AlHawai Alia Almutawa Nouf Alkaabi Science Fiction into
Reality Science fiction into reality
Applications of high-tech contact lenses in:
- Health field
- Military
- Tourism
- Sporting events
- Improving optics
Future plans to develop contact lenses Why do we need high-tech
contact lenses in health? The tear fluid Future plans presentation outline Vision correction
Cosmetic use Science fiction into reality Scientists were inspired by “ The Terminator” movie. Contact lens Science fiction into reality High-tech contact lens:
Bionic eye.
-Won’t suit everyone.
-Privacy issues Science fiction into reality High-tech contact lens
Bionic zooming Detection
lack of medical care
Solution: high tech contact lenses Contains biological markers like:
Ascorbic acid
A diagnostic solution for the detection Components 1. Biosensors Two sensor configurations :
1- Monitors a certain concentration.
2- Records the interference signals.

Special types of biosensors:
1- Glucose sensors.
2- Lactate sensors. Glucose sensors Structure
Application: Diabetes detection Lactate sensors Structure
Application: Stroke detection 2. The optional display Structure
Used to:
- Give feedback (red option only).
Application: LEDs as indicator of the patient’s health status. 3. Interconnects Metallic
Connect components 4. ICs (integrated circuits)
and a loop antenna Contains RF circuits and energy storage
Provides wireless power transfer Other Applications Blindness detection
- Glaucoma
- Eye pressure
Bacterial, viral conjunctivitis
or viral keratitis detection
- Protein and lipid concentrations
rheumatoid arthritis, AIDS
or herpes zoster
-iritis Developments on the
medical field
Developments on the
Game field

Developing the contact
lenses efficiency plans to develop
contact lenses contact lenses in future Medical field Add additional colors for alert.
New biosensors to detect diseases by employing enzymes.
Drugs delivery. Computerize lens Display images and information.
Social network connection.
Identify land marks. Improving the efficiency of contact lenses Power supplier :
- use solar energy.
Oxygen premability.
Control lens from 1m distance. scientist says: Dr. Parviz says “Using nanotechnology you can extend the sophistication of the contact lenses as far as you like,”1

Dr. Wesely illustrated that "future is already being paved with improved materials and lens designs. The
industry should be prepared to keep up with demand and innovative, new products."2 Project digital images near the eye.
Focus on close up and far away objects.
Enhanced views of battlefield data.
Clear night vision.
Detect presence of objects and people.
Display vital information to who is activity involved. - Photoreactive
Self-darkening lenses.
Turns into dark sunglasses within a minute.
- Polycarbonate
Impact resistance - 10x stronger than plastic.
Sport and safety frames. (cc) photo by jimmyharris on Flickr -Polarized 1- Consists a filter.
2- The filter eliminate sun glare.
3- Eyes protection.
4- Prescription corrective lenses and
color tinting.
5- Utilize sunglasses in high lighting.
6- Fishing or other works. Designed for reducing distortion in astigmatic lenses.
Smooth and slimmer.
Uses a computer design to reduce thickness. -Aspheric References Thank you for your listening [1] G.Wesley, “High-Tech Contact Lenses”, (2010, February), pp.5. Available: Academic Search Complete: http://web.ebscohost.com.ezproxy.kustar.ac.ae [accessed April 1, 2012].

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